Singing Rock Expert 3D Speed Steel Harness

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Singing Rock Expert 3D Speed Steel Harness

The Singing Rock Expert 3D Speed Steel is a 5-point harness conforming to American Standards. It is primarily designed for industrial rope access. The wide well-padded waistbelt, padded leg loops and padded shoulder straps provide maximum comfort while working at height. The waistbelt and leg loops feature the Singing Rock Speed quick release buckles which are quick and easy to operate.

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Singing Rock Expert 3D Speed Steel Harness

Key Features

  • Harness certified according to the newest North American standards ANSI Z359.11-2014 and NFPA 1983 Class III
  • Removable lanyard keepers on the shoulder straps allow the user to store lanyard connectors when not in use, in case of a fall, the connector is released so that the shock absorber can be safely deployed
  • For easier inspection, the harness is equipped with fall indicator, placed close to dorsal attachment point, which is activated in case of a fall - red label indicates that the harness must be retired
  • Shoulder straps can be totally removed and the harness can be used as a sit harness only
  • Super comfortable wide waist belt padding provides maximum comfort when working at height
  • Strength webbing on the waist belt is stitched in the way that at normal working situation the body weight is absorbed by the padding only
  • Reflective strap and printing on the waist belt and a reflective strap on the shoulder padding increase the visibility in dark working conditions (the black version of the harness is not equipped with the reflective elements)
  • Anatomic leg loops and waist belt are covered with strong PES fabric providing high abrasion resistance
  • Speed buckles enable fluent and fast adjustment to fit a user's body
  • Steel triple lock carabiner used for connection of shoulder straps to the main point to increase the space for chest ascender attachment
  • Chest ascender smart fixation system with a plastic cover on the carabiner increasing the durability of the webbing (works best with Cam Clean)
  • Shoulders straps and leg loops are independently adjustable
  • Narrowed padding and webbing on the shoulder straps in a neck area enhance comfortable work
  • Front and back attachment points for fall arrest according to EN 361 marked with additional “A“ marking
  • Flat rear attachment point does not bear on users back when carrying backpack or breathing apparatus
  • Front lower attachment point for descender placement or work positioning according to EN 813
  • 2 side attachment points for work positioning according to EN 358
  • 4 ergonomic braided gear loops with a bearing capacity of 5 kg
  • Heavier items up to 35 kg can be attached to the webbing on the waist belt
  • Additional loops on the waist belt and leg loops with a bearing capacity of 5 kg offer additional space for the gear and better gear organization
  • Wide elastic band at left shoulder strap for the gear attachment (e.g. transmitter)
  • Slots at the waist belt for Porter tool holder to carry your industrial tools
  • Shoulder attachment points for confined space rescue according to EN 1497
  • Steel buckles are finished with E-coating and steel attachment points are zinc-plated
  • Corrosion resistance of all steel components is tested by spraying in a salty chamber for a period of 48 hours
  • Identification and methodical label


  W0080DR02 W0080DR03 W0080DR05
Size S M/L XL
(cm / in)
65-80 / 25-31 75-100 / 29-39 85-130 / 33-51
Leg Loops
(cm / in)
45-60 / 18-24 50-75 / 19-29 50-75 / 19-29
(cm / in)
150-170 / 59-67 160-180 / 63-71 175-205 / 69-81

Different versions

Singing Rock Expert 3D Standard
Singing Rock Expert 3D Standard Black
Singing Rock Expert 3D Speed
Singing Rock Expert 3D Speed Black


Singing Rock Cam Clean
Singing Rock Porter
Singing Rock Franklin Seat
Singing Rock Franklin Seat Black


Wash and rinse in clean cold or warm water using pure soap e.g. Lux
soap flakes, Stergene liquid, at the approximate dilution, with pH range
5.5 and 8.5. Rinse thoroughly. 
+30°C / 86°F (max.)


Dry slowly in a well-ventilated place away from direct sources of heat or sunlight.



How do I attach the Singing Rock Cam Clean chest ascender to my Singing Rock Expert rope access harness?

Each harness comes equipped with an attachment strap (normally located on the left gear loop):

1. Remove the attachment strap from the gear loop

2. Girth Hitch (Larks foot) the attachment strap in to the top attachment hole of the Cam Clean

3. Remove the karabiner from the rear of the ventral attachment point

4. Connect the lower attachment hole of the Cam Clean to this karabiner and reconnect it to the rear of the ventral attachment point (check correct orientation of the Cam Clean)

5. Pass the hook of the attachment strap through the gap in the webbing between the sternal attachment point and attach the hook to the loop on the rear of this webbing

6. Check correct orientation of the Cam Clean




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Harness Type
Full Body
Harness Sector
Rope Access
Specific Use
Fall Arrest, Work Positioning, Work Restraint, Suspension,
Harness Attachment Points
Dorsal , Sternal , Ventral , Rear, Lateral ,
Harness Size
Nominal Maximum Load
Singing Rock Cam Clean Chest Ascender
Without Cam Clean, With Cam Clean,


Industrial or Sport Use
Black / Yellow
Black / Yellow
CE EN361
CE EN813
CE EN1497
CE EN358
ANSI Z359.1-2007
Operating Temperature from
-40°C / -40°F
Operating Temperature to
+80°C / +176°F
15 years (10 years from first use)
3 Years

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