DMM Pro Pad Plus Rope Protector

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Rope Pro - Pro Pad Plus - Rated and tested

Heavy duty edge rope protection with 4 layers of tough canvas, 2 of which form part of a replaceable wear sheet (the yellow section in the images - contains a 15mm thick natural fibre pad for extra padding). Rated and Tested.

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Rope Pro - Pro Pad Plus - Rated and tested

Four layers of Heavy Duty Proofed Natural Fibre Canvas and a 15mm inner pad of natural fibre (pat. pending) laminated with a flexible latex membrane. This multi-layer device protects ropes and property, increasing the edge radius ensuring smooth rope movement and edge loading to protect building fascia, cladding and paint coatings. A total of 8 large connection eyes provide many securing options. 40mm Closure Velcro allows the side flaps to be secured and align the connection eyes to allow direct clipping with karabiners - when closed the eyes align to allow clipping through all three simultaneously. The replaceable Pro-Wear Sheet makes them ideal for heavy use and training centres

The Rope Pro has an overall length 60cm and an open width of 66cm (closed with 30cm).

Key Features

  • Four layers of heavy duty canvas.
  • 15mm inner protective pad.
  • Replaceable Pro-Wear Sheet.
  • Eight large connection eyes.
  • 40mm velcro closure.
  • Hard wearing.

Pro-Pad Tested and Rated Information

Pro Pad +

Pro Pad +

Pro Pad +

Pro Pad +



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Rope Protector

Protection Against
Abrasion Protection
Attachment Type
8 large connection eyes
Closure Type


Overall Length 60cm