Petzl Volt Wind European Version

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Petzl Volt Wind European Version

The Petzl Volt Wind harness is a Fall Arrest, work positioning and restraint harness specifically designed for vertical rail or cable applications in the wind power sector. It replaces the old Petzl Volt Wind C72AFA harness.

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Petzl Volt Wind European Version

Key Features

  • Ventral Fall Arrest point for vertical rail or cable applications
  • Wear protectors on the rear of the waistbelt and dorsal point to limit wear
  • Fast LT Plus automatic buckle on the waistbelt
  • Fast LT automatic buckles on the leg loops and sternal strap
  • 2 lateral (Side) work positioning metal D-rings
  • Fall arrest lanyard connector holders on the shoulder straps
  • Double-back adjustment buckles on the shoulder straps, waistbelt sides, leg loop-waistbelt linking straps and rear dorsal point adjustment webbing
  • Breathable mesh in the waistbelt
  • Elastic keepers for straps
  • 2 seat attachment points
  • 1 rear restraint point
  • 4 gear loops
  • 2 Caritool points
  • Velcro keeper for your Petzl Asap’sorber (40cm) or Asap’sorber Axess energy absorber


Seat for Volt harnesses

Different versions

Petzl Volt European
Petzl Volt International
Petzl Volt Wind International


Harnesses Attachment points – Dorsal (rear), lateral (side), Sternal (chest) and Ventral (lower front)


Wash and rinse in clean water using pure soap
+30°C / 86°F (max.)


Dry in a well-ventilated place away from direct sources of heat or sunlight.
+30°C / 86°F (max.)


  C072BA00 C072BA01 C072BA02
Size 0 1 2
Waist belt 65cm - 80cm 70cm - 93cm 83cm -120cm
Leg Loops 44cm - 59cm 47cm - 62cm 50cm - 65cm
Statue 160cm - 180cm 165cm - 185cm 175cm - 200cm
Weight 2150g 2200g 2280g



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Harness Type
Full Body
Harness Attachment Points
Dorsal , Side, Sternal , Ventral , Rear, Lateral ,
Harness Size
Size 0
Size 1
Size 2
Harness Material
Nylon, Polyester, Aluminium, Steel,
Nominal Maximum Load


Industrial or Sport Use
CE EN361
CE EN358
Operating Temperature from
-30°C / -22°F
Operating Temperature to
+50°C / +122°F
10 Years
3 Years

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