Petzl Vertex Helmet Hi-Viz

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The Petzl Vertex Hi-Viz safety helmet has a high visibility outer shell. Like the standard Petzl Vertex, it has an adjustable strength chinstrap to cater for work at height, the Wind power generation sector and ground work. The Petzl Centrefit system ensures a comfortable and perfectly centered fit and the Petzl Flip&Fit system facilitates easy storage. This helmet replaces the Petzl Vertex Best helmet.

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Key Features

  • Fluorescent outer shell with phosphorescent head torch clips and reflective stickers 
  • Dual chinstrap can be switched between high strength (greater than 50kg - 490N), which limits the risk of loss during a fall, or low strength (less than 25kg - 245N), which limits the risk of strangulation
  • The shell is designed to absorb impact forces from the top and side and penetration forces from the top
  • 6-point suspended cradle
  • Petzl Easyclip system for attaching the visors
  • Petzl’s Centrefit system ensures the helmet is perfectly centred on your head
  • Petzl’s Flip&Fit system means that you can fold the headband assembly into the shell for easy storage
  • The unvented shell protects against the additional risks of electrical hazards and molten metal splash
  • 4 head torch clips
  • Removeable / washable chinstrap and headband
  • Petzl Head torch mounting slots
  • Slots for mounting ear defenders
  • Available in 2 colours

Different versions

Petzl Vertex
Petzl Vertex Vent
Petzl Vertex Vent Hi-Viz
Petzl Strato
Petzl Strato Hi-Viz
Petzl Strato Vent
Petzl Strato Vent Hi-Viz


Wash and rinse in clean water using pure soap
+30°C / 86°F (max.)


Dry in a well-ventilated place away from direct sources of heat or sunlight.
+30°C / 86°F (max.)


Q: How do I set the chinstrap strength?
A: The chinstrap strength should be set in accordance with the risk assessment carried out for the planned helmet use.

- Risk of helmet coming off in a fall – Strong strength >50kg or 490N

- Risk of strangulation – Weak strength <25kg or 245N

One of the parameters in the helmet EN Standard’s relates to chinstrap strength:

- EN 397 – requires a chinstrap strength (if fitted) <25kg or 245N

- EN 12492 – requires a chinstrap strength >50kg or 490N

Use a small flat-head screwdriver to turn the chinstrap clip to the desired setting. 

Q: How do I adjust the fit of my Petzl Vertex?
A:Push in both headband adjustment wheels and turn them in the same direction until the desired fit is achieved.

Move the webbing through the chinstrap positioning buckles to move the chinstrap forward or backwards. 

Carefully unclip the front headband and move it up or down to achieve the desired fit.   

Move the rear headband so that the webbing is tight.

Test the fit by pushing up on the front brim. There should be limited movement.


Q: How do I remove / install the chinstrap?
A: Use a flat-head screwdriver to carefully depress and remove the chinstrap retaining clips on all four ‘corners’. Pull the rear straps through the rear headband assembly.

Install in reverse, starting at the front of the helmet. Make sure the ‘button’ on the clip faces the outside of the helmet and that the rear straps pass through the rear headband assembly.
Test the correct assembly by doing up the chinstrap buckle and pulling.


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Helmet Shell
Helmet Protection
Electrical, Molten-metal splash, Lateral deformation, Low temperatures,
Head Circumference Min
Head Circumference Max
Chinstrap Strength
Weaker - EN397, Stronger - EN12492,
Operating Temperature from
-30°C / -22°F
Operating Temperature to
+50°C / +122°F


Industrial or Sport Use
High-Strength Polyester
ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
Hi-Viz Orange
Hi-Viz Yellow
CE EN50365
AS/NZ 1801
ANSI Z89.1 Type 1 Class E
CE EN397
Weight (g)
10 Years
3 Years
Wind Farm Kit
Helmets & Accessories

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