Petzl Roller Coaster Rope Protector

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Petzl Roller Coaster - Rope Protector

To guide a moving rope and protect it from abrasion.

Reversible protector with two sides to adapt to different situations. Each module can be positioned independently to adapt to the terrain. Modules are connected with quick links: the number of modules can be varied according to the terrain.

Sold as 1 module

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Petzl Roller Coaster - Rope Edge Protector

Detailed description

Reversible protector with two sides to adapt to different situations:

  • Flat face with attachment points, making it possible to position the module on a flat area or soft ground
  • Angled face makes it possible to install the module on an I-beam, square edge, or guardrail

 Protection on bearings with multiple possible connections:

  • Rollers mounted on sealed ball bearing, providing high-efficiency
  • Multiple connection holes make it possible to use the most suitable mounting option for the terrain: 10 or 12 mm bolts, PULSE, COEUR PULSE
  • Multiple modules can be assembled together with links, carabiners, or even cord

Protection for one or two moving ropes


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Edge Protector

Protection Against
Abrasion Protection, Sharp Edges,
Two Ropes


Industrial or Sport Use
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