Petzl Luna Womens Climbing and Mountaineering Harness

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Petzl Luna Women's climbing and mountaineering harness.

The Petzl Luna harness is tailored to a woman's physique. Designed for technical mountaineering, trad climbing or multi-pitch climbing, the harness is equipped with adjustable leg loops to adapt to all climbers, in any season. The padded leg loops and waistbelt ensure maximum comfort without hindering freedom of movement. The five equipment loops carry all the equipment required for progression on ice or rock, and make it easily accessible during the activity.

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Petzl Luna Women's climbing and mountaineering harness.

With a contoured waistbelt, LUNA is women’s harness built for climbers in every season! It’s the ideal harness for technical alpine excursions, trad climbing, or multi-pitch climbing. With adjustable leg loops, the fit can be adjusted for different body types and the padding provides maximum comfort while preserving freedom of movement. With five gear loops, you can keep all the gear you need within reach when climbing on rock or ice.

Key Features

Tailored to a woman's physique:

  • Waistbelt is contoured to conform to the lower back.
  • Longer rise ensures better placement on the hips.
  • Leg loop to waistbelt proportions suited to a female physique.
  • Leg loops adjust with DoubleBack buckles, to adapt to different body shapes and seasonal clothing.

Comfortable to wear:

  • Padded waistbelt and leg loops.
  • Wide waistbelt provides comfortable positioning.
  • ENDOFRAME Technology construction allows excellent weight distribution

Capacity for transporting a large quantity of equipment:

  • Two very large rigid equipment loops in front for transporting a lot of gear and for easy clipping and unclipping of karabiners
  • Two rear equipment loops are flexible, for bringing gear to the front and for comfort when carrying a backpack.
  • One large center rear equipment loop for carrying belay station gear, shoes or special equipment.
  • Compatible with the Caritool Evo tool holder.
  • One rear loop for trail line.

Harness comes in a protective carry bag.


Waist size65 - 71cm71 - 77cm77 - 84cm84 - 92cm
Leg loops46 - 56cm51 - 61cm54 - 64cm56 - 66cm



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Harness Type
Harness Sector
Adventure Park
Specific Use
Sports / Trad Climbing
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Industrial or Sport Use
CE EN12277 Type C
3 years