Petzl Fifi Suspension Hook

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Petzl Fifi Suspension hook

A Fifi Hook is a question mark shaped hook designed for use in aid climbing to quickly connect to a structure or anchor point to take the weight of the user to help progression. It can also be used for haul bag retrieval in sports climbing.

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Petzl Fifi Suspension hook

Petzl Fifi Hook is a suspension hook used primarily for aid climbing. It allows quick and easy connection to an anchor, be that climbing protection (piton / peg / nut / cam) or a slab edge.

Clipping the Fifi hook into protection rather than the more laborious clipping your rope into a quickdraw helps limit the number of overly strenuous moves (it takes much less effort to simply hook then unhook using a Fifi).

In industrial rope access it can be used to temporarily clip to a window ledge or wall edge to keep an abseiler in one work position. However it is not PPE so cannot be used as an anchor.

The lower karabiner hole allows the user to connect a lanyard, etriers or haul bag. The slot which runs the length of the hook is used for connecting a retrieval system using a Maillon Rapide number 5. The quick link (maillon) is free to move along the length of the slot for retrieval, in particular, unhooking from above.


    Petzl fifi hook positioning diagram



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