Petzl Coeur Pulse 8mm Anchor for caving

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Petzl Coeur Pulse 8mm Anchor for caving

The 8mm Petzl Coeur Pulse is a temporary 8 mm anchor, composed of an aluminium hanger and a stainless steel shaft, designed for caving suspension and equipment. Quick to place or remove, The Petzl 8mm Coeur Pulse allows for a more comfortable and safe practice.

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Petzl Coeur Pulse 8mm Anchor for caving

The Petzl Coeur Pulse is a removable anchor, the user must first pre-drill a hole and make sure the area is clean and dust free. The Coeur Pulse is then unscrewed to allow the fixing bolt to be retracted when pulled towards the gold fixed plate, this allows the fixing to be inserted into the pre-drilled hole. Once the anchor is in the correct position the black screw can be tightened to lock the anchor. To remove the anchor after use simply unscrew and remove the Coeur Pulse in the reverse way as inserted.


Quick to use

  • Interchangeable hanger.
  • Instantly placed by activating the release plunger.
  • Anchor is completely removed by pressing on the release plunger and pulling on the hanger.


  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Locking wrench for extended use or use with groups.
  • Twisted hanger designed to hold the connector parallel to the wall.
  • Interchangeable hanger.

More responsible equipment practice for caving

  • The anchor does not rust underground.
  • The condition of the anchor is checked.



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Bolts & Hanger Plates

Anchors Type
Removable Bolt & Hanger Plate
Bolt Size
Resistance to cutting on concrete
50MPa 15kN
Pull-out strength in concrete
50MPa 12kN
Drill Bit Size
Drill Depth
Weight (g)


Industrial or Sport Use
Aluminium / Steel
CE EN795 B

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