Peltor Optime II Ear Defenders

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Peltor Optime II Ear Defenders

Peltor Optime II Ear Defenders / Ear Protectors with helmet attachment for use with Petzl industrial helmets. The Peltor Optime II provides sealing rings which are filled with a unique combination of liquid and foam. The result is an optimum seal with low contact pressure, which provides snug comfort even during long term use. The sealing rings have ventilation channels and are covered with a soft, patterned hygienic foam. Optime II is suitable choice for environments with substantial industrial noise or construction machinery, airports and agricultural work.

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Peltor Optime II Ear Defenders

Optime 2 has been developed for demanding noise-hazard environments and is a suitable choice for offering protection against substantial industrial noise.

  • Increased muffling at lower tones and higher volume, primarily for lower frequencies.
  • Even pressure distribution via unique 2 point attachment.
  • Height adjustment and flexible adaption to size and shape of head.
  • Combines well with other PPE.
  • Cup design offers generous depth ensuring the ear rests comfortably.
  • Fluid and foam filled sealing rings give optimum sealing and low contact pressure: ensures comfort during long term wear, and a snug fit for spectacle wearers.

Approved to EN 352-1 Over/Behind Head, Folding Headband. EN 352-3 Helmet Mounted.


Compatible with: 

  • Petzl Vertex
  • Petzl Vertex Vent
  • Petzl Strato
  • Petzl Strato Vent


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Helmet Accessory

Attenuation Rating
(SNR) 30dB
Hearing Protection Style
Helmet Mounted
Hearing Protection Type
Passive Earmuff
Protection Level
94dB(A) - 105dB(A)
Working Environment
General Industrial Use Continuous, Long exposure to noise, Dirty/dusty environment Intermittent, Short exposure to noise Presence, Handling of contaminants,


CE EN352
Wind Farm Kit
Helmets & Accessories