Nebo Master Series FL3000 Rechargeable Flashlight

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Nebo Master Series FL3000 Rechargeable Flashlight

You’ve heard it said, “Work smarter, not harder.” 

At Nebo, we ask, “Why can’t you do both?”

That’s what makes the Master Series different — durable, rugged design coupled with intuitive, feature-rich innovation. Designed for those who put their gear to the test, and who need their tools to work as tirelessly as they do.

When the work gets tough, the tough get working!

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Nebo Master Series FL3000 Rechargeable Flashlight

Rugged and reliable, this 3,000 lumen flashlight is designed to handle the toughest conditions. The FL3000 features an integrated zoom and a magnetic mode select dial, so you get the right amount of light where you need it.

This 3000 lumen flashlight features an integrated zoom and a mode select dial so you get the right amount of light where you need it.

Key Features

5 Light Modes:

  • Turbo (3,000 lumens) - 30 second intervals* / 265 meters
  • High (1,500 lumens) - 2 hours / 188 meters
  • Medium (800 lumens) - 4 hours / 106 meters
  • Low (100 lumens) - 12 hours / 52 meters
  • Strobe (1,500 lumens) - 2 hours / 188 meters

*After 30 seconds, light returns to the previously used mode to prevent overheating and protect the battery. Turbo mode can be reactivated at any time.


  • Rechargeable
  • Magnetic Mode Select Dial
  • Smart Power Control
  • Optimised Power Curve
  • 2x adjustable zoom
  • Waterproof (IP67)
  • Impact-resistant (2 metres)
  • Anodised aircraft-grade aluminium
  • Ergonomic rubberised grip
  • Powerful magnetic base
  • LED power/charging indicator


  • Powered by (1) 21700 rechargeable battery
  • Recharge time: 2 hours (2.0A) - 8 hours (0.5A)


  • (L / W / H) 17.3 cm x 4.2 cm x 4.2 cm
  • 307g (w/battery) 


  • Front-positioned, On/Off button; Magnetic Mode Select Dial
  • Rotate Magnetic Select Dial to cycle through light modes
  • Strobe: Double-tap button
  • Turbo: From On, press and hold button
  • Direct-to-low: From Off, press and hold button
  • Press & release Power Button from Strobe, Turbo or Direct-to-Low to turn the unit Off. Rotating the Select Dial will cancel these modes
  • Twist to adjust the light beam from flood light to spot light


  • Lanyard
  • Magnetic Mode Select Dial



Torches and Lighting
Brightness Output
3000 Lumens
Optimised Power Curve
Power Source
Rechargable Battery
Lighting Modes
Boost Mode
Waterproof Rating
IP 67
Charging Time


Industrial or Sport Use
Industrial, Sport,
Black / Orange
Black / Orange
IP 67
Weight (g)