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Commercial Mud Boots / Mudders

Mudders / Mudderboot are designed to stop you from sinking into mud, sand, snow and other soft surfaces. They are light, fit to most footwear and are designed in such a way that the 'wings' remain closed until you step on soft terrain thus making it easy to also walk with them on firm ground.

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Commercial Mud Boots / Mudders

Walking on mud has never been so easy with mudders, mudders overcome the two difficulties of mud travel sinking and suction by copying nature. Many of natures creatures are able to walk quite easily on soft mud. Soft muddy ground footwear, ideal for cocklepickers, bait collection from mudflaps and any activity which requires walking on soft mud.

The Great Blue Heron inspired the inventor of Mudders with its ability to widen its foot when it steps down and contract it as the foot is lifting. Mudders work in the same manner.

Key Features

  • Mudders provide marshland mobility.
  • Light, easy to carry and stow, ready to use in a moments notice.
  • This new innovation defies gravity and keeps you from sinking into wetlands.
  • Get around clam flats with the greatest of ease efficiently,comfortably and safely.
  • Easy to use underwater, they fit right over boots of waders and protect them from sharp objects.
  • Ladder buckles allow ease of mounting and removal.
  • Walk effortlessly in the softest, deepest mud, snow, sand or other soft surfaces.
  • Discover how it is impossible to sink, in even the softest terrain using Mudders.
  • A simple, efficient engineering solution.
  • Perfect for disembarking boats in unknown areas of marsh or wetlands.
  • Wings effectively quadruples surface area.
  • Design reduces ground force remarkably.
  • Reduces suction, unlike boots, walking is easy because you can lift your foot effortlessly.
  • Comfortable not clumsy, walk through underbrush without tangle or tripping.
  • Wings remain closed until you step on soft terrain making it easy to walk on firm grounds.
  • Mudders provide a radically new mobility, stability and movement on soft surface.

One Size Fits All 

To ensure the best lifetime of the product, Mudders should ideally be put on at the edge of the mudflap. Walking on gravel etc may cause damage or produce excessive wear to them.  


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