MSA PremAire Escape Set - Maks/Hood with Composite Cylinder

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MSA PremAire Escape Set

Hood/Face mask and 2L Composite Cylinder

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MSA PremAire Escape Set - Hood/Facemask and Composite Cylinder

The PremAire Escape is a positive pressure Short Duration Compressed Air Emergency Escape Breathing Device (EN 402) that provides respiratory protection while escaping from toxic atmospheres. It was designed with extensive input from Oil & Gas customers from all over the world who highlighted the need for a fast to don and easy to use respirator with components that withstand the highest levels of potential industrial gas leaks and the harsh chemical environment.

The PremAire Escape enables the wearer to escape without difficulty from a potentially hazardous environment. It offers a duration of 10-15 minutes for safe escape. The PremAire Escape is equipped with a PremAire Mask/hood. For potential high concentration industrial gas leaks, like deadly H₂S.


  • PremAire Hood/Mask
  • AutoMaXX lung-governed demand valve 
  • Combination pressure reducer, cylinder valve assembly and
    medium pressure line 
  •  Carrying bag with neck strap and base support
  •  Compressed Air Cylinder 
  • Filling adaptor

Features and Benefits

One-Piece Cylinder Valve and First Stage Pressure Reducer

  • Reduces size and profile

Pressure Gauge recessed into Valve Housing

  • Protects Gauge
  • Reduces size and profile

Easy access Filling port

  • Convenient and fast refilling of the compressed air cylinder
  • No restrictions in the compressor filling pressure
  • Ease of attaching QuickFill adaptor

2.0L Composite Cylinder

  • Rated duration of 15 or 20 minutes

PremAire Mask-Hood

  •  Two independent protection barriers
  • High protection factors in sour oil & gas and chemical applications
  • Straightforward and easy donning
  • Simplistic training requirements
  • High visibility (orange hood) 

Carrying Bag

  •  Base support provides protection for com pressed air cylinder
  • Ease of stacking in storage 
  • Fullfills the antistatic requirements of EN 402

Low Pressure Whistle 

  • Increased safety
  • Meets special requests for a low pressure warning 

The PremAire Escape with PremAire Mask-Hood is suitable for sophisticated escape scenarios especially when the concentrations of industrial gases like H₂S are very high. The mask-hood design is based on the proven 3S full face mask, which was sold in millions over the last decades.

The integrated mask-hood combination has two independent protection barriers. The first protection seal is the original tight fitting face seal in combination with the positive pressure created by the field proven AutoMaXX lung-governed demand valve. The second protection barrier is created by the hood/neck seal which isolates the face piece sealing line fully from the ambient gaseous atmosphere.

In addition the innovative, patent-pending PremAire Mask-Hood design enables a continuous flushing of the hood with exhaled clean air. 

The components used in manufacturing were tested in a third party test house against real H₂S at concentrations exceeding 25% by volume and the permeation detected was minimum. The hood material was also tested and it causes no skin irritations.


Mask hood Material:  Cotton blend with Para Aramid antistatic filament & inside PU coating

Air Cylinder: 2.0L Composite

Carrying bag: Polyester fabric with PVC coating

Weight: approx 4.7kg

Nominal duration time: 15 or 20 minutes

Operating Pressure: 300 bar

Operating Temperature: -40C to 60C

Approvals: EN 402

Additional Certification: 3rd Party H2S Permission Testing


Escape Breathing Apparatus?
Filter Respirator?
7-10 Day Leadtime
Carrying mode
Polyester fabric with PVC coating carrying bag
Gas duration(Minutes)
Temperature Class
-40C to 60C
Face Piece
PremAire Mask/Hood
Confined Space
EN 402