MSA SCBA SSR 30/100 Respiratory Device

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Oxygen Self Rescuer - SSR 30/100

This small, robust KO2 respiratory device delivers safe and immediate oxygen on demand for escape or rescue. Packed airtight in a stainless steel container, this lightweight device is designed to be worn on a belt for easy opening and use. Dons in seconds.

The TR device allows quick and economic training of donning and use by simulating the weight and properties of real units.

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MSA SCBA SSR 30/100 Oxygen Self Rescuer

Safe Oxygen Supply for Various Applications

The oxygen self-rescuers SSR 30/100 and SSR 30/100 B are small, robust respiratory protective devices for self-rescue, which can be used at every place where the ambient atmosphere may be oxygen deficient or contain toxic contaminants. These devices employ the well-known and worldwide proven principle of generating oxygen chemically.

Due to its compact design and low weight, the oxygen self-rescuer can be worn continuously on the belt (SSR 30/100) or on the chest (SSR 30/100 B), so that it is available immediately in an emergency situation.

It is donned in seconds and supplies oxygen to the wearer on his escape or while waiting for rescue. The SSR 30/100 B is made for areas with the potential of abrupt eruptions of toxic gases or oxygen deficiency, requiring immediate breathing protection and fastest possible starting of the self-rescuer.

Design and functioning:

Both SSR 30/100 versions are housed in a stainless steel case which protects the self-rescuer very well under the rough conditions which such devices usually undergo that are carried along continuously. The case is air tight and under seal. In case of an emergency it can be opened simply and quickly.

The schematic shows the design and the air flow. The canister contains the chemical KO2 which reacts with the exhalation air. The humidity and carbon dioxide of the exhalation air cause a chemical reaction of the KO2, whereby carbon dioxide is retained and oxygen is released into the breathing bag.

The service time of the apparatus depends on the user’s work rate, respectively, breathing rate. Under heavy load and resultant high breathing rate more oxygen is generated than under slow and shallow breathing as, for instance, while waiting for rescue. Both SSR 30/100 versions have no pressurised components and are almost maintenance free. For used but complete and undamaged apparatus MSA offers economic reconditioning.

Donning the apparatus and breathing can be practiced with the SSR 30/100 TR training device.

Features and benefits:

  • Small, light but robust device
  • Stainless steel container
  • Carried on belt or on chest
  • Long service life
  • Oxygen supply according to demand
  • Simple Handling
  • Largely maintenance free
  • Long storage life
  • Simple reconditioning

Technical data:

Apparatus in case Dimensions height 18 cm/width 18 cm/depth 10 cm Weight 2 kg (2.1 kg SSR 30/100 B) Carrying mode on belt (SSR 30/100) or on chest with harness (SSR 30/100 B) Storage life depending on storage conditions, refer to instructions for use for details.

Apparatus without case:

Weight 1.3 kg (1.6 kg SSR 30/100 B) Carrying mode in front of chest with neckstrap and waist belt (SSR 30/100) or in front of chest in lower part of container (SSR 30/100 B) Principle of operation regeneration of breathable air through KO2 Flow principle pendulum breathing (see schematic) Duration 20 min at 35 l/min (Class K20S according EN 13794) 30 min at 30 l/min (escape) 100 min at 10 l/min (at rest) Temperature class T3.

Approval and certification:

From DMT-Gesellschaft für Forschung und Prüfung mbH, in accordance to EN 13794 SSR 30/100: 582 A/95/33 PSA · SSR 30/100 B: 584 A/95/115 PSA


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Escape Breathing Apparatus?
Filter Respirator?
7-10 Day Leadtime
18cm x 18cm x 10cm(in case)
Carrying mode
neck strap, waist belt,
Gas duration(Minutes)
Flow Principle
Pendulum breathing
Principle of operation
Regeneration of breathable air through KO2
Temperature Class
Confined Space
CE EN 13794 class 20s