Lyon Edge Guard - Rope Protector

Code: LEG-10-C
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Lyon Edge Guard

This lightweight stainless steel edge protector is a new device designed by Lyon to help protect ropes from coming into contact with sharp edges. This edge protector is designed to attach to metal structures easily.

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Lyon Edge Guard

Lyon Stainless Steel Edge Protector designed for use in a work positioning system, to provide a level of protection to a textile rope from contact with an edge where it is not possible to achieve a free hang. Ideally the rope should be rigged to avoid all contact with edges.

The LEG-10 C Edge Guard is for one rope only. If you are using more than one rope, consider using more than one Edge Guard. The LEG-30 Edge Guard has a central divider so can be used for two ropes. 



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Edge Protector

Protection Against
Abrasion Protection, Sharp Edges,
One Rope


Industrial or Sport Use
Stainless Steel
Width = 106mm
Weight (g)