Kask Superplasma PL Hi Viz Helmet

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Kask Superplasma PL Hi Viz Helmet

The lightweight Kask Superplasma PL Hi Viz is a vented climbing helmet designed for industrial use and conforming to EN12492. It has fluorescent headlamp clips (not on the black version) and reflective stickers. The Super Plasma PL’s lightness is made possible by the high-density polystyrene insert, which absorbs impact forces. The strong chinstrap, which releases above 500N (50kg), ensures that the helmet stays on your head in the event of an impact. This makes it an ideal work at height helmet and also a technical rope rescue helmet.

Although the Super Plasma helmet has not been through the tests for EN397 (Industrial safety helmets), it uses exactly the same shell as the Kask Plasma AQ which has. The Superplasma therefore meets or exceeds the following tests:

-          Side deformation (LD)

-          Molten metal splash (MM)

-          Very low temperatures (-30°C)

-          Shock absorption

-          Penetration

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Kask Superplasma PL Hi Viz Helmet

Key features

  • Fluorescent headlamp clips
  • Reflective stickers
  • Four-point chinstrap conforming to EN12492
  • Quick release pinch grip buckle
  • 10 air intakes for maximum ventilation
  • Internal air outflow channels for effective ventilation
  • Air intakes equipped with anti-intrusion grilles to help prevent debris ingress
  • Quick and precise head band adjustment thanks to the Kask Micrometrical rear size adjustment dial
  • Kask Up & Down technology provides precise and comfortable height and tilt adjustment
  • Lateral (side) chinstrap adjustment ensures a good chinstrap fit below your ears
  • Kask 2Dry comfort padding provides maximum quick drying moisture wicking and freshness
  • 4 headlamp clips
  • Ear defender adapter holes
  • Visor mounting holes
  • Removable and washable inner comfort padding
  • Ring on the chinstrap allows the helmet to be connected to a harness

  • Different versions

    Kask Plasma AQ

    Kask Plasma Hi Viz

    Kask Superplasma PL (EN12492)

    Kask Zenith (EN397)

    Kask Zenith Hi Viz (EN397)

    Kask Zenith PL (EN12492)

    Kask Zenith PL Hi Viz (EN12492)


    Visor V2 Plus

    Full face visor

    Ear defender adapters

     SC1 (SNR 25), SC2 (SNR 29) and SC3 (SNR 31) ear defenders with 30mm euro slot

    Interior winter padding

    Replacement inner padding

    Helmet bag

    Neck shade

    Replacement screw set for visors

    Full face mesh visor

    Full face mesh visor carrier

    30mm full face visor carrier adapters



     Wash and rinse in clean lukewarm water (max 30°C) using neutral pH soap.


    Towel dry and allow to dry naturally in a well-ventilated place away from sources of heat or sunlight.

    Manufacturer's Downloads

    Technical Notice - Kask Super Plasma

    Declaration Of Conformity - Kask Super Plasma



    Helmet Shell
    Head Circumference Min
    Head Circumference Max
    Chinstrap Strength
    Stronger - EN12492
    Operating Temperature from
    -30°C / -22°F
    Operating Temperature to
    +50°C / +122°F


    Industrial or Sport Use
    Neon Green
    CE EN12492*
    Weight (g)
    10 Years
    3 Years
    Wind Farm Kit
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