Coronavirus (COVID-19) - PPE Cleaning Advice

Below are links to disinfecting and cleaning information provided by various manufacturers of height safety equipment. It is important to follow the guidance provided by the specific manufacturer of each item of equipment you have, as advice differs from one to another, and some may be authorise a particular method of cleaning, which may not have been recommended by another. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions!  

Capital Safety 3M

Disinfecting 3M (Capital Safety / Protecta) Fall Protection Equipment Covid-19


How to disinfect Beal Textile PPE during the COVID-19 crisis

Method 1 - 72hr quarantine. Method 2 - Use Beal Rope Cleaner at 60°C (normally 30°C, so max 10 times!). Method 3 - Submerge the product in Isopropyl or Isopropanol for 30-60 seconds (max 10 times!)

Camp Safety

Sanitisation protocol for mountaineering and work at height products for the following brands: Camp, Camp Safety & Cassin


ClimbTech Anchorage Connector Disinfection Procedure


No specific Covid-19 advice. Standard cleaning advice is: Metal parts can be blown clean with compressed air. Avoid lubricating oil! Lightly soiled equipment can be washed with a brush in lukewarm water. A mild soap solution can be used. Heavily soiled equipment can be machine-washed in a wash-bag with phosphate-free detergent in a 40° program. Wet equipment is hung up to dry. Equipment shall be allowed to air-dry without being subjected to open fire or any other heat source. General Cresto Harness Cleaning advice


COVID-19 Care, Cleaning & Disinfection of DMM Equipment

3 paths out of quarantine: Dispose or Time (quarantine for at least 72 hours) or Wash (30°C clean domestic grade water with liquid soap in the pH range 5.5 to 8.5 for 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Dry naturally - away from direct heat).


Disinfection of Edelrid PPE

Usage of 70% to 100% isopropanol.

Future Safety

No specific Covid-19 advice. Standard cleaning recommends using mild detergent and water. Future Safety Manta Helmet Cleaning and Maintenance


Heightec Covid-19 Cleaning Advice - A list of chemicals that have been tested on synthetic fibres to test how they react (including chlorine) can be downloaded. From here.

Standard advice regarding the cleaning of textile items: “Wash textiles by hand with non-detergent soap at approx 25°C (cool). Rinse and dry naturally, away from direct sources of heat and sunlight. If necessary use a disinfectant compatible with polyamide and polyester. Use diluted and rinse thoroughly in clean water. Dry as previously stated. These cleaning procedures must be strictly adhered to.”


ISC Covid-19 Cleaning Hardware

Non webbing products - suggested a solution of 70% IPA for wiping down product surfaces. For textiles which can be affected by bleaches within these solutions, using hot water at 56°C for 30 minutes.


Disinfecting Kong Products from SARS-CoV-2

Disinfect in hot water - At least 30 minutes at a temperature of 58-60°C, then air dry avoiding exposure to the sun or heat sources; or Soap wash - 15 minutes in lukewarm water at a temperature of 30-32°C with soap (pH 5.5-8.5) then air dry as above; or quarantine in a well-ventilated area, avoiding exposure to the sun or heat sources, for at leat 7 days.  

Lifetime, Inspection and Service of PPE and Complex Devices manufactured by KONG S.p.A:


Specific MSA / Latchways Fall Protection Cleaning Advice

Use water-based cleaning products that have equivalent concentrations of quaternary ammonium compounds to those found in Confidence Plus 2 or other EPA registered disinfectants, which include EW80 mat disinfectant, Ecolab Incidin Rapid and Ecolab Sekumatic FDR. General COVID-19 Product Cleaning Guidance


Lyon Equipment products guidance and disinfecting Covid-19

Step 1 - 72 hour quarantine.
Step 2 - For Polyester and Polyamide products: Wash in a washing machine with natural soap (pH range 5.5-8.5) at 60°C for a minimum of 15 minutes. Place the items inside a protective fabric cover to reduce the risk of abrasion damage, and ensure the washing machine is free from other washing liquid / tablet and softener residues.
- For Dyneema - As above BUT at 30°C.
- For Metallic products can be cleaned using clinical disinfectant wipes or disinfectant. Be aware that Chlorine based chemicals can cause corrosion / cracking of some stainless steel components. Check the ingredients with the manufacturer.
Step 3 - Dry the product following the information provided in the General User instructions.


Disinfection of Marlow Ropes

70% Isopropyl (IPA) and water solution. This should NOT be done on a regular basis though, as IPA can be absorbed by Nylon fibres and may act as a plasticiser weakening the ropes over prolonged exposure.


No specific Covid-19 advice, other than using a mild detergent (Fairy Liquid), as the Government recommends washing hands with soap and water which kills the virus so hopefully this will apply to textile products. For their general cleaning advice please see page 6 of this download P+P Safety


No specific Covid-19 advice, but say “You should apply government advice where possible - i.e.  leaving equipment for 72 hours before someone else using if possible. Obviously our official cleaning advice will not get rid of any present virus, but we cannot recommend using bleach or similar on the kit”.


Recommendations for disinfecting Petzl equipment

Protocol 1 - 72 hour quarantine 
Protocol 2 - Hand wash with soap and water at a max temperature of 65°C (Warning: these are exceptional measures during the Covid-19 crisis. Otherwise, under normal circumstances, please wash your equipment at 30°C)
Cleaning products developed by ECOLAB, when applied as instructed, are also compatible with all Petzl helmets and can be used (although Petzl do not know to what extent, if at all, ECOLAB’s products are effective in killing or preventing the spreading of the Covid-19 virus).


"RidgeGear recommend only wash with soap and water. High temperatures and bleach cannot be used. We cannot make any claim about the efficiency against C-19" RidgeGear Harness General Cleaning Advice

Ruth Lee

Ruth Lee Manikin Covid-19 Cleaning Advice

Singing Rock

Singing Rock Covid-19 Disinfection Statement

- Ethanol with the following contents (83% of denatured 95% ethanol, 11.3% of distilled water, 4.2% of 3% hydrogen peroxide and 1.5% of glycerol) BUT not recommended to apply more than 3 times.
- Isopropanol or Isopropyl BUT not recommended to apply more than 3 times.
- Hot water (55°C) For a non-destructive disinfection of your polyamide or polyester gear or metal components. NOT applicable for gear made of HMPE (Dyneema, Spectra, Dynex or similar).
- Hand soap with a pH range 5.5 - 8.5 for at least 15 minutes in 30°C water.
- Air dry in a well-ventilated place away from all sources of heat for at least 1 week.


Cleaning of infectious Skylotec PPE


How to disinfect metal SafeTec devices during the COVID-19 crisis: 72hr quarantine or immerse devices into Isopropyl (or Isopropanol) alcohol for a duration of 30 to 60 seconds. Leave to dry for 24hrs in a well-ventilated room at ambient temperature. WARNING - take care - avoid inhaling vapour.


Teufelberger Covid-19 Corona Virus Rope Disinfection

Ropes can be disinfected by being submerged in a solution of 70% Isopropanol and 30% Distilled water for 3 minutes maximum. Air dry naturally away from heat sources or direct sunlight. Disinfection should be done when needed and not daily. A qualified inspection of the rope is mandatory.

No specific Covid-19 advice. General maintenance and storage advice: From paragraph 9 of the manufacturers instructions: 'If a harness or lanyard becomes dirty, wash it in clean cold water, possibly with a detergent for delicate fabrics, using a synthetic-fiber brush. When the harness / lanyard becomes wet, either during use or washing, leave it to dry naturally in the shade and away from all sources of heat. During transport and storage, protect the equipment against damage (sharp edges, sources of direct heat, chemical products, UV radiation, ...'