A buying guide for Bags


Designed to meet Lifting Standards. Rated bags have a Safe Working Load (SWL) which indicates the safe force that can exerted to lift / suspend or lower a given mass. This is a calculation of the Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) divided by its safety factor (SF); which is usually ten to one (10:1) for lifting.

Route setters

  • Specifically designed for climbing wall route setting
  • Rated
  • Reinforced base
  • Side pockets


Everything else. So:


  • Taped seams
  • Fold and Roll closure


  • 'Rescue' logo'd
  • Brightly coloured
  • Documentation pocket
  • Separate compartments
  • Carry handles


  • Large capacity


  • Small capacity
  • Clic-clac express closure
  • External gear loops for connection to a harness


  • Large capacity
  • Attachment point for rope


  • Designed to hold sand bags for to provide weight in a climbing wall environment

Size is normally expressed in litres. A 50l bag will have ample space for one set of rope access kit or a 200m low stretch rope and some rigging gear.