Beal 10.5mm Wall Master 6 Unicore Rope

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Beal 10.5mm Wall Master 6 Unicore

Designed specifically for the climbing wall environment - the thicker sheath associated with the Uni Core process makes for a tougher rope perfectly adapted to resist wear due to repeated belays and low impact falls. The astonishing Uni Core process permanently binds the sheath to the core of the rope radically decreasing the occurrence of slippage. 

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Beal 10.5mm Wall Master 6 Unicore

Wall master exists in 3 different solid colours to help with their management at the wall or in the club:

    Maybe one colour per wall length (for example: Wall Master violet = 35m / Wall Master fuschia = 20m)
    or one colour per year to aid renewal management.

What is Unicore?

Astonishing new technology which binds the sheath to the core without affecting the ease of use and suppleness of the rope.

Even under the most adverse conditions, sheath slippage is reduced or totally eliminated, especially in such instances as top roping or active belaying.

Should the sheath be cut or torn, the sheath and core will remain bonded together.

During regular operations during caving or rope access abrasion due to a rough edge can cause it to be cut and slip, sometimes in excess of 1 meter.

The astonishing UNICORE process allows the sheath and the core to stay bonded together allowing the user to be able to pass any damaged section using proper techniques, he doesn't remain stuck on his rope.

The UNICORE process enhances safety when rope is used in extreme situations.

This is possible due to the fact that this new process:

  • Sheath slippage is eliminated.
  • Allows safe escape should the sheath be cut.
  • Makes rope cutting easy with a simple blade without any heating.
  • Reduction of shrinkage in water by more than 50%.

BEAL has made colour a security feature!

Key Features

The wall Master Uni Core mains features are:

  • Uni Core process virtually eliminating sheath slippage.
  • Thick and soft to the touch sheath.
  • Ease of manipulation over time.

Uses: Exclusively for indoor wall climbing.



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Rope / Accessory Cord

Rope Type
Diameter (mm)
Dynamic Rope Type
Impact Force kN
Number of UIAA Falls
Sheath %
Length (m)
30m, 50m, 200m,
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Industrial or Sport Use
CE EN892

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