Abtech Slix 100 Rescue Stretcher Kit

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Abtech SLIX 100 Rescue Stretcher

A robust, compact and lightweight restricted access stretcher. Manufactured from heavy duty material to give it great durability.

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Abtech SLIX 100 Rescue Stretcher

  • SLIX100 = Stretcher Only.
  • SLIX100KIT = Stretcher, Hauling straps (Vertical & Horizontal) Kit Bag.
  • SLIX100KIT/SPINAL = Stretcher, Hauling straps (Vertical & Horizontal) Kit Bag And Spinal Splint.

The flexible material manufactured to a smooth finish allows easy sliding and permits the stretcher to be rolled width ways or lengthways to facilitate transport. No webbing passes under the stretcher preventing damage whilst dragging. Strong handles around the stretcher allow it to be maneuvered by several rescuers. The stretcher may be hauled vertically or horizontally. The closure straps secure and allow the stretcher to mould around the casualty.

Its simple design allows multiple applications:

  • Basic four point vertical lifting, lowering and suspension
  • Conversion to loop rope handles for stretcher carrying
  • Four single legs for dragging and manoeuvring the stretcher around obstructions
  • Easily carried rucksack style, roll top transport bag

Technical Information

Stretcher Only:

  • Width - 915mm.
  • Length - 2300mm.
  • Max Recomended User Weight - 400KG.
  • Conformance - CE93/42/EEC CLASS 1.

Packed Box Weight and Dimensions Stretcher Only:

  • Length - 100cm.
  • Width - 42cm.
  • Height - 33cm.
  • Weight - 11kg.



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Stretcher Type
Rescue Stretcher
Stretcher Type
Horizontal Lifting, Vertical Lifting, Confined Space,
Stretcher Accessory Type
With Stretcher Bag
Slix 100 Options
Slix 100 Rescue Stretcher, Slix 100 Kit Rescue Stretcher Strops & Bag, Slix 100 Kit Rescue Stretcher & Spinal Splint,
Confined Space


Industrial or Sport Use
Wind Farm Kit
Rescue Equipment

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