Abaris Rescue Cutters And Pouch

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Abaris Rescue Cutters And Pouch

Stainless steel safety cutters with integral lanyard and quick-release pouch, designed for attachment to a belt or harness with twin elasticated straps.

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Abaris Rescue Cutters And Pouch

Used by climbers and rescue teams to safely and rapidly cut through rope or webbing, the safety cutters have curved blades to maximise accuracy and safety.

They will cut rope up to 13mm in a single action. Webbing of any size can be cut, and even copper cables.

Used by the leading fire service line rescue teams in the country, all the major rigging and telecoms engineers and rope access teams.


Knife/Cutter Details

Knife / Cutter Type
Rope Cutter
Blade Material
Stainless Steel
With Sheath