Harken TerrAdaptor Tripod system kit

Harken TerrAdaptor Tripod system kit

The Harken TerrAdaptor is the ultimate artificial high directional system (AHD) designed specifically for Rescue Teams where the situation will have many unknowns for the terrain encountered, with a MBL of 36kN. In such emergency cases it is essential to have a quick assembly, easy to use frame that can be easily adapted to any environment. This saves time and also space on the rescue vehicles.

The unique head unit that offers lockable articulation of the legs angles makes deployment very stable and adjustable in Tripod and Bipod configurations, allowing deployment to accommodate variations in terrain/structure and to set the legs wide enough for a litter to pass through cleanly.


Storage and carrying Bags

Full system is packed into 3 bags that are easy to stow in a vehicle. 2 bags contain the legs and hobbles, the main bag contains the head unit and the quick release clips, feet and other attachments, with removable zip up pouches. All bags have carry handles and full shoulder straps to be easily carried to site.


Terradaptor Head

The head is where the innovation starts. The two front legs are fully adjustable with a central pivot and 2 quick release pins on either bracket allowing the legs to articulate through 90 degrees. The front leg brackets can be offset to allow the legs to be oriented horizontally and side-by-side, to span above a void, such as an elevator rescue, where the legs could be braced between walls.

The rear leg also attaches through a similar bracket with the same full adjustment and this puts the leg at 90 degrees to the front leg line.

The rear leg can also articulate through 90 degrees, so the best angle can be found and the leg locked to provide the best footprint and stability when assembled.

The head includes 36kN rated attachment points on each grey plate and the gold central bracket has an attachment point with a quick release pin which also links up directly with the Space Station accessory, for an expanded collection of mounting points for blocks and pulleys.


The legs are in 3 sections – Grey inner and Orange outer sections join the greys, the grey parts fit into orange parts throughout the product for ease of assembly. The legs can be adjusted through the head brackets and via the connecting orange tubes, to give a massive range of configurations and heights up to the full 2.6m clearance. The legs are marked up with stamped indicators to make balancing very quick and easy.

Secondary anchor points

Lash rings can be fitted during assembly and Quick Lash anchor points can be fitted later, both to the grey leg tubes.


The TerrAdaptor has modular adaptors that fit into the grey and orange tubes depending on setup, the different feet options are interchangeable into the modular adaptor. The kit comes with the Rocker feet as standard; these are a rounded foot that work well on most surfaces and higher lean angles.

Terradaptor Feet

Other foot options are available depending on  below

  • Talon

Terradaptor Talon

  • Articulating feet

Terradaptor Articulating Feet

These have a fully rotating movement to allow mounting on uneven surfaces and give a wide footprint for softer surfaces. They have a non-slip rubber pad, rigging points and holes for the foot to be secured to the floor via screws, bolts etc.

The basic format for the tripod is to have the two front legs tied together as the load bearing frame and the rear leg is suitably attached to give the required stability. When assembled, the feet must be hobbled together by a double prusik adjusted rope system, attached by maillons, this is critical to stabilize the structure and visually shows the working footprint for management of the resultant load. The larger the footprint is made, the more scope there is to allow for variations in load paths and more stable the structure can become. AHD’s are technical products requiring a high level of product and rigging knowledge.

Terradaptor Articulating Feet

Space Station

Terradaptor Space Station

The Space Station is a multi-point rigging solution, designed to fit the head unit anchor point for an articulated rigging option, using a quick-pin, as well as to the TerrAdaptor legs, as a single unit or split into 2 parts, this is especially useful in a mono-pod configuration.

LokHead Winch

LokHead Winch

The LokHead winch takes its pedigree from the high efficiency sailing winches renowned as leaders across the Globe, offering rescue and descent certification to EN1496, EN341 for 240kg and EN13157 to 500kg for goods/equipment. It has 2 gear settings offering 15:1 and 40:1 ratios for lifting with a variable setup for 10-12.7mm diameter rope. The winch features a locking head that keeps the rope captive and includes a friction controlled lowering mechanism, the whole unit defaults to lock for safety..
The unit can be manually winched or a standard heavy duty power tool can attached to make the lift effortless.
It comes as standard with a universal mounting bracket to secure to the TerrAdptor and most other tripod systems.

Winch Bracket

LokHead Winch Bracket

The bracket is part of the LokHead winch kit and easily attaches around either the grey or orange sleeve. The bracket allows a quick install of the LokHead winch for either left hand or right hand use, this should be backed up with a sling/strop to an anchor point.

TelluMount - Ground Stand

TelluMount - Ground Stand

This lightweight accessory has multiple rigging points rated to 24kN, offering a stable mounting option for the winch away from deviations such as the TerrAdaptor. It can be safely and securely attached to the ground, vehicles, trees etc… and allows a simple install of the LokHead winch for load/casualty lifting. It is especially effective when deployed within a twin tension line system with progress capture devices such as the CMC Clutch by Harken.


A compact high-efficiency 4:1 pulley system to allow quick and easy adjustment, with an instant grab mechanism complete with instant grab lowering control, that can be operated and tailed with 1 hand. Users find the efficiency and 1-handed operation makes positioning a loaded basket stretcher very easy to change orientation, it can also be used to tension various rigging and AHD systems. With a 3m length and 15m rope, it suits most uses and comes packaged in a practical bag that can be attached to the litter. 

Terradaptor in use

This allows casualty recovery from a vertical access and simple adjustment to haul into the safe recovery section under the TerrAdaptor.

Terradaptor in use