A buying guide for Anchors

Anchors take the form of:

  • Expansion bolts and hangar plates
  • These should be selected depending on the environment that they’re going to be used in.

    HCR (High Corrosion Resistance) stainless steel for ultra-corrosive environments.

    Stainless Steel for corrosive environments

    Steel for low-corrosive environments

    They are normally available in 10mm or 12mm versions.

  • Chemical resin bolts
  • Beam clamps
  • Mobile deadweight anchors
  • Removeable anchors
  • Ground anchors


  • EN 795 Personal fall protection equipment. Anchor devices
  • EN 959 Mountaineering equipment. Rock anchors
  • UIAA 122 Pitons
  • UIAA 123 Rock anchors
  • UIAA 151 Ice anchors