heightec Rotor WTG Rescue System

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heightec Rotor WTG Rescue System

The Rotor evacuation system includes a descender device with raising function via a detachable ratchet handle, For self-evacuation or recovery of a casualty from tall structures, including wind turbines.

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heightec Rotor WTG Rescue System

Rotor WTG Rescue System has been configured to meet the exacting requirements of the renewables sector. The rescue system is fully rated for 2 person descent and sealed in a barrel for corrosion resistance meaning it can be safely stored on site in a marine environment.

At the core of the wind turbine rescue system is the Rotor rescue and evacuation descender, an intuitive device which allows self-evacuation automatically limited maximum descent speed or controlled lowering or raising of a casualty. The ROTOR can control rope speed in either direction, meaning that repeated descents can be carried out in quick succession. The maximum descent height is 500 m for 200 kg or 220 m for 250 kg. Comes with 9.5 mm rope.

The ROTOR can also lift in either direction using the ratchet handle supplied. With the locking mechanism engaged the load is held if the handle is released. Maximum lift load is 200 kg.
The ROTOR can change from lift to lower (and vice versa) at any point whilst under load.

ROTOR WTG rescue system also includes edge protector – constructed of durable stainless steel for corrosion resistance for exposed locations.

The rescue system is supplied sealed in a robust, waterproof barrel with humidity indicator complete with load rated lifting bag.


Rotor Descender with rope x 1
Lifting handle x 1
Compact Ascender x 1
Pulley, 5 cm x 1
Anchor strop 7 mm, steel, 1 m x 2
Sling, nylon, protected 60 cm x 1
Edge protector, stainless steel x 1
Sealed barrel inc. humidity indicator x 1
Lifting bag (50 cm high x 34 cm Dia) x 1


  • High specification Rotor rescue device, waterproof, loading indicator
  • No external moving parts
  • High descent energy rating
  • Rigorous testing beyond standards requirements
  • Allows a range of lifting and lowering rescue operations
  • Specially packaged for WTG use, waterproof with external humidity indicator for content


Sizing: Available in 50m, 60m, 80m, 100m, 120m lengths
Material: Various
Weight 50m: 11.6 kg

Weight 60m: 12.3 kg

Weight 80m: 13.7 kg

Weight 100m: 15.1 kg

Weight 120m: 16.5 kg
Conformity: Various EN Approvals


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Controlled Rate Descender

Rescue Kit

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Rescue Kits
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50m, 100m, 80m, 120m, 60m,


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