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Rescue Kits

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SAR 6 to 1 Casualty Pulley System (CPS)

SAR 6 to 1 Lightweight Casualty Pulley System CPS

The 6 to 1 Casualty Pulley System (CPS) is designed to lift casualties onto a stretcher or transfer their load from lanyards, slings or rope to the rescuer or rescue system. It's simple lightweight design allows a rescuer to de-weight (remove the weight from) a casualty so that their lanyards can be removed from a structure or a descending / ascending device can be removed from a rope when being rescued.

  • £188.44 Inc VAT
  • £157.03 Ex VAT
Petzl Jag Pre-rigged Pick-off Rescue Hauling System

Petzl Jag Pre-rigged Pick-off Rescue Hauling System

The Petzl Jag System is a pre-assembled hauling kit designed for pickoffs, making a releasable anchor, or tensioning a system. It comprises a Jag Traxion, Jag pulley, two Am’D Triact-Lock karabiners, a 7.7 mm lightweight rope and a flexible cover. Certified to European and Russian standards. Available in three lengths: 1, 2, and 5 m

  • From £192.00 Inc VAT
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Skylotec Seal Pac

Skylotec Seal Pac for Milan Rescue Kits

All rescue devices must be inspected on an annual basis, even unused devices stored for emergencies. This Seal Pac negates the requirement to send the Milan and contents back to Skylotec for inspection (provided the indicator does not show any signs of moisture).

  • From £634.00 Inc VAT
  • From £528.33 Ex VAT
Synergy Pick-off Rescue Kit

Synergy Pick-off Rescue Kit

Synergy Pick-off Rescue Kit Rescue pack containing pre-assembled kit for rescuing a suspended casualty. Supplied in a rescue bag with comprehensive user instructions, individual product information, inspection advice and Certificates of Conformity for all the items within the kit.

  • From £662.53 Inc VAT
  • From £552.11 Ex VAT
Tractel Evak 500

Tractel Evak 500 Rope Winch Hoist

Special order item

The Tractel Evak 500 winch hoist is a manual rope winch offering unlimited travel with a 500kg capacity. Specially designed for rescue operations for use exclusively with Tractel Textile static 12.5mm rope.

  • £872.59 Inc VAT
  • £727.16 Ex VAT
Cresto Red Pro Box, Rescue and Evacuation Device

Cresto Red Pro Rescue and Evacuation Kit

Cresto rescue and evacuation device, specifically used by Wind, Telecom, Tower, Construction, Oil, Gas and Cranes companies. This easy to use rescue and evacuation device offers a safe evacuation in the event of an emergency.

  • From £1,990.09 Inc VAT
  • From £1,658.41 Ex VAT

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