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Big saving when you buy a Petzl Zigzag and a Petzl Zillon together

For a limited time (until our surplus stock has been sold!) we are offering a big discount for customers who are interested in buying a Petzl Zigzag and a Petzl Zillon together.

Simply enter zigzill (lower case) into discount voucher code to get a chunky discount on both products.

New Petzl Arborist Equipment for 2014

Petzl have a new range of products for arborists which are due for release in 2014 (To order / Pre-order please use the click through links):
Petzl Arb Equipment

Already available are the Petzl Zigzag or ‘Petzl ZZ!), a clever mechanical prusik, the successor to the original recalled version released in February 2013. Also just released onto the UK market is the arborist work positioning lanyard the Petzl Zillon; Available with a choice of 3 different rope lengths (2.5m, 4m and 5.5m).

Due for release at some point towards the end of February / beginning of March are a new version of the Petzl Sequoia and Sequoia SRT harnesses, a shoulder strap option compatible with the Sequoia SRT harness, and also a separate expandable arborist seat, the Petzl Swing Seat (compatible with both Sequoia harnesses).

Spare parts and accessories for these arborists products include: Petzl Suspension Bridge and the multi-directional gated ring, the Petzl Ring Open.

Petzl Zig Zag in UK and Recall of original version

With the first batch of the new Petzl Zig Zag now available in UK, we thought we would once again make a plea to the few arborists in UK who have sneakily held onto the original version to return it to Petzl. The original version of the Petzl ZigZag had a design fault which could lead to serious injury or death. Anyone returning the original version will be able to exchange it for the new version and have any costs involved in the return refunded.

Full details see below:

Summary of the facts
On Friday, April 12, Petzl was informed of an accidental fall in a training center in Germany. This fall was related to a failure of the rope end attachment hole of the original Petzl ZIGZAG mechanical Prusik with serial number below 13108******. Petzl have since been informed of another identical failure.
These failures were the result of a particular configuration of a cantilevered and off axis loaded upper carabiner.
Petzl believes that this incorrect positioning of the connector could inadvertently occur during normal use with the potential for serious injury or death.
UK Petzl ZIGZAG Recall AlertOn April 25, 2013, Petzl decided to recall all original design ZIGZAG mechanical Prusiks with serial number below 13108******. The original recall notice can be downloaded here. This recall does not affect the new Petzl ZIGZAG

Continued use of the original ZIGZAG with serial number below 13108****** poses a risk of serious injury or death.
As previously announced, the new version of the ZIGZAG will be available in mid-January 2014. A summary of the changes made to the product can be viewed here.
If you still own a ZIGZAG affected by the recall (serial number below 13108******), we request that you immediately contact our Customer Services team using either +44 (0)15396 26260 or to take advantage of the exchange procedure for your original ZIGZAG with serial number below 13108******.
This will be replaced with a 2014 version and we will also include a complementary Petzl Buff.
Petzl are fully aware of the inconvenience caused by this issue. Please accept their full apologies and thanks for your continued trust.

If you would like to buy a new version Zig Zag please click here.

New Petzl Zigzag for 2014

Petzl have just released detailed information about the new Zigzag mechanical prusik. Based on the very popular first version but with slight design changes, it is likely to be very popular with arborists.

Petzl Zigzag

The main changes include strengthened side plates and resigned attachment holes to help keep the karabiners loaded correctly on their major axis. The attachment hole at the rope end also now has a flexible elastomer ring that helps keep the karabiner orientated to its optimal working position (reducing the risk of poor positioning and the cantilever effect that occurred with the previous Zigzag). The harness end attachment ring has also been enlarged to reduce the risk of poor karabiner positioning and prevent the karabiner sleeves from snagging. Even with these changes, as with most devices, it is imperative that the user is vigilant about the karabiner positioning. Other minor changes includes extended side plates to help guide the rope in the sheave. They are also now flared to ensure smooth operation even if the rope rubs on the side plates.


– The changes above were tested and approved using the Petzl OK Triact (Triple action) and Am’D Triact Ball-Lock karabiners. Other karabiner models of similar shape may be used, but their compatibility must be verified by the

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Latest Product Availability News – 11 April 2013

Just to keep you up-to-date with supply – There are currently supply issues into UK with the following products:

D21 – Petzl Zigzag – Petzl have had issues sourcing one of the components – We know there is no stock coming in next week
C71CFA01 – Petzl Avao Bod Croll Fast harness in size 1 – No stock due in next week
PPENZ08 – 8mm Standard Shape Maillons – More stock due next week
BSAC.PW45 – Beal Pro Work 45 Litre Rope Bag – Due end of April / Early May
BSAC.PW60 – Beal Pro Work 60 Litre Rope Bag – Due end of April / Early May
K52N – Petzl Cordex Gloves in Black – Could be up to 6 months before stock in UK!
K53N – Petzl Cordex Plus Gloves in Black – Could be up to 6 months before stock in UK!
A14 – Petzl Vizen – Not yet released by Petzl
Edelrid Floating Rope – The last batch of rope did not pass the testing but more stock is due into UK next week

A sneak preview of some of the new Petzl Products for 2013

We have been lucky enough to be the first company in UK to see the full range of new Petzl products for 2013.

The big news: Rumours of a new harness range…

Also the following new products:

D22 Petzl ZIG ZAG (due for release late Jan / early Feb 2013)
A very clever ‘mechanical prussik’ recently shown for the first time at one of the major Arb shows in France. Designed for use with 11.5-13mm ropes it comprised an integrated pulley, a swivel (which pivots too!), a connection point for a karabiner (the device is designed for use on a single rope looped over a branch) and the concertina Zig Zag section which essentially works like a prussik but is made of metal. It looks an amazing piece of equipment and eliminates the risk of novices not tying prussiks correctly. Only down side is that it can’t be fitted mid rope (rope end needs feeding through which could take some time!).

Also of interest to arborists: Petzl are also manufacturing their own throwline R02Y060 / R02Y300 Petzl AIRLINE Throwline (will be available in 60 or 200m lengths), throwbags S02Y250 / S02Y300 / S02Y350 Petzl JET Throwbags (will be available in 250g, 300g or 350g weights), a redesigned B02BRA / B02BLA Petzl PANTIN Foot Ascender (smaller in design, a stainless steel cam and a what looks like a more hard wearing buckle) – All due out in January 2012.

The sports market and cavers will be interested to hear that the B16BAA Petzl CROLL and B18BAA Petzl BASIC have been revamped. The new style Petzl CROLL has a stainless steel cam and a ‘protector plate’ making it more hardwearing. The new style Petzl BASIC is smaller, has space for two karabiners in the lower karabiner hole and its new shape makes it suprisingly comfortable in the palm of your hand (it is likely to replace the traditional jammers).

There is a revamped C47A Petzl Foottape with a larger buckle, reinforced underfoot webbing and an elasticated foot retainer ‘thingee’ (allows you to secure the strap to your foot to stop your foot slipping out). It does not have the little O ring of the original C47. And finally there are two new S47YS / S47YL Petzl Tool bags (small and Large) with side slots for hammers and a karabiner attachment hole. The large bag is ‘extendable’ using two zips running down the side of the bag.



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