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International ANSI Approved Petzl Avao Bod Harnesses

We are pleased to have received stock of the long awaited international version of the Petzl Avao full body harnesses. The international versions use a triact (triple action) karabiner to make the connection between the top and bottom sections of the harness, and this makes them suitable for the renewables industry as a wind turbine harness. Their ANSI rating also means they can be used in the US.

For full details of the harnesses please click below:

Petzl Avao Bod International harness with Triact Karabiner
Petzl Avao Bod Fast International harness in black with Triact Karabiner

Conformity: EN361, EN358, EN813, ANSI Z359.1, NFPA 1983 Class III, CSA Z259.10

Petzl Avao Wind Turbine Harness?

Following a move to the use of triple action connectors in the wind turbine industry, Petzl will soon be offering a couple of their Avao Full Body harnesses with triple action (triact) karabiners. Two new Avao Bod harnesses are due to be released in February 2014 which will appeal for those looking for a Wind Turbine harness, but these will also appeal to Riggers and the black version to Military:

Petzl Avao Bod (International ANSI) harness with Triact Karabiner

Petzl Avao Bod ANSI International Wind Turbine Harness

Petzl Avao Bod Fast in Black (International ANSI) harness with Triact Karabiner

Black Petzl C71AFN Avao Bod Fast Military Harness

Both harnesses are based on the standard Petzl Avao Bod harness but are the international version so feature fall indicators (as well as the triple action karabiner connecting the top harness to the sit harness). The Avaos are suitable for all types of work: work positioning, work restraint and fall arrest.


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