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Petzl Avao Bod Croll Fast Harnesses now for sale through Abaris International

Abaris will have stock of the long awaited Petzl Avao Bod Croll Fast harness tomorrow (4 April 2013) – We will be the first in UK to have stock but stock coming into UK is limited so we advise ordering soon to guarantee swift delivery (normally next day if ordered before midday).

Worth noting for those who already know the Petzl Navaho range is that there is now a big difference between the Avao ‘Bod’ versions (Avao Bod, Avao Bod Fast and Avao Bod Croll Fast) and the component parts of the full body harness (made up of either a Avao Sit or Avao Sit Fast and a Top or Top Croll). The Navaho Bod and Bod Croll Fasts used to be exactly the same as the Navaho Sit and Top / Top Croll combination except that if you bought the separate components then the top part was missing the rear dorsal attachment, now if you buy the ‘Bod’ version you get a one-piece harness (you cannot separate the sit harness from the top) with the webbing from the top element of the harness forming an X on the back of the user and being interlinking with the leg loops (it slides freely through the waistbelt webbing and is designed to ensure the user is in a better position when suspended from either the sternal or dorsal attachment point).

One other important change to be aware of is that the Avao Bod Croll Fast sizing is different to the Navaho Bod (and the Avao Bod and Bod Fast for that matter). There are now a size 0 and a size 1, size 0 is for a small adult (waist 23.6 – 35 inch / height 160-180cm – also consider wearing the harness with winter clothing or overalls), size 1 is probably best for a normal ‘frame’ (waist 27 – 43 inch / height 165-185cm).

For full details on each harness are available on the Abaris website (also see the downloads section tab for the user instructions)

New Petzl Products Information and Expected Availability Dates

Following the release of the new Petzl Airline Throwline and Jet Throwbags for arborists, the new version of the e+LITE Emergency Light and the following Petzl torches for sports customers…
New colours for the Petzl Tikka XP 2 – Black and Orange (replacing the Graphite and Iris)
New colours for the Petzl Tikka Plus 2 – Grey and Red (replacing the Mystic Grey and Pistachio)
New colours for the Petzl Zipka Plus 2 – Grey and Red (replacing the Mystic Grey and Pistachio)
New colour for the Petzl Tikka 2 – Grey, Blue and Violet (replacing the Storm Grey and Tropical Blue)
New colour for the Petzl Zipka 2 – Grey and Blue (replacing the Storm Grey and Tropical Blue)

…coming from Petzl early this year are the following items:

For industrial customers – Due Mid January:

Petzl Avao Bod Fast Harness

Petzl Avao Bod Harness

Petzl Avao Sit Fast Harness

Petzl Avao Sit Harness (also available in all black)

New version of Petzl Top Chest Harness (also available in all black)

New version of Petzl Secur Chest Strap

CIP Waistbelt for firefighers

Kano Tactical Belt

New version of the Petzl Nest Stretcher

Petzl Stef Lifting Straps for the Petzl Nest Stretcher

New version of the Petzl Vizir Visor for the Petzl Vertex or Petzl Alveo helmet range

New version of Petzl Spirit Curved Karabiner

New version of Petzl Croll

New version of Petzl Pantin Foot Ascenders

New version of Petzl Footape

New version of Petzl Footpro

New version of Petzl Basic

New version of Petzl Express Quickdraws

Petzl Tool Bags

Due early February:

Petzl ZigZag Mechanical Prussik

Due early March: –

Petzl Avao Bod Croll Fast Harness

New version of the Petzl Top Croll Chest Harness

Petzl Ultra Vario Headtorch

Petzl Ultra Vario Belt Headtorch

Due early April:

Petzl Vizen Full Face Protective Visor for the Petzl Vertex or Petzl Alveo helmet range


For sports customers – Due Mid January:

Petzl Sirocco Climbing and Mountaineering Helmet

New version of Petzl Spirit Curved Karabiner

New version of Petzl Croll

New version of Petzl Pantin Foot Ascenders

New version of Petzl Footape

New version of Petzl Footpro

New version of Petzl Basic

New version of Petzl Express Quickdraws

Due early March:

Petzl Ultra Vario Headtorch

Petzl Ultra Vario Belt Headtorch

Petzl Trios Caving Helmet with Ultra Vario Headtorch

New harness range from Petzl – Petzl AVAO Harnesses

Following on from our earlier blog article giving you a sneak peek at what is in the pipeline from Petzl for 2013, we can now announce the big news that Petzl are bringing out a new range of harnesses to replace the currect Petzl Navaho range.

The Petzl AVAO harness range is planned for release into UK in early 2013 and comprises a similar range of harnesses to the Petzl Navaho range (with or without the integrated Croll, normal or ‘fast’ buckles, various sizes and black options in some of the range). The new harnesses come with deeper waistbelts offering more padding and support, bigger leg loops with more padding and a neoprene ‘keeper’ for any excess leg loop tape (the AVAO harnesses are aimed to fit a wider size of thigh / waist / height). The sit element of the harnesses have 6 gear loops and have redesigned smoother action buckles (easier to adjust and also a thumb and forefinger release as opposed to the single central one finger button). All the various versions have elasticated rear leg strap retainers (as opposed to the current Bod range which have taped webbing – only the Navaho Sits have elasticated leg strap retainers). The side D’s (buckles) ‘flip’ to a ‘store’ position flat with the webbing (rather than sticking out as they currently do). The Croll on the Croll Fast and Top Croll is based on the new Croll (due for release in January) which is smaller in design to the old Croll. The AVAO harness chest (top) sections have a two tier ‘yolk’ which splits when the harness is suspended from the Dorsal D ring ensuring the ‘under’ or ‘lower level’ yolk stays snug to the body and the Full body AVAOs have a system where the top webbing is interlinked with the leg loop webbing ensuring the leg loops are in a better position for the user if suspended from the rear attachment point (the weight no longer goes solely onto your midriff).

Sizing will be changing too with the AVAO Bod Croll Fast coming in a size 0 and a size 1, the AVAO Bod Fast and AVAO Bod in size 1 or 2,  the AVAO Sit Fast in sizes 0, 1 and 2, the AVAO Sit in a size 1 or 2, the Sit in Black in size 1 or 2. All the seperate AVAO Top harnesses (including the black AVAO Top and the standard colour AVAO Top Croll will be one size and have adjustment buckles on each side and strap retainers to store any excess webbing. They also have a slot for rehydration tubes!). There will no however be a black version equivalent of the Navaho Bod or Navaho Bod Fast (this should not be too much of a problem as the amount of yellow on the new AVAO harness range is very limited – the only option for someone wanting a true all black harness will be to opt for a AVAO Sit Fast in black and a Top in black).

Images and full information can be found on our website by clicking here.

A sneak preview of some of the new Petzl Products for 2013

We have been lucky enough to be the first company in UK to see the full range of new Petzl products for 2013.

The big news: Rumours of a new harness range…

Also the following new products:

D22 Petzl ZIG ZAG (due for release late Jan / early Feb 2013)
A very clever ‘mechanical prussik’ recently shown for the first time at one of the major Arb shows in France. Designed for use with 11.5-13mm ropes it comprised an integrated pulley, a swivel (which pivots too!), a connection point for a karabiner (the device is designed for use on a single rope looped over a branch) and the concertina Zig Zag section which essentially works like a prussik but is made of metal. It looks an amazing piece of equipment and eliminates the risk of novices not tying prussiks correctly. Only down side is that it can’t be fitted mid rope (rope end needs feeding through which could take some time!).

Also of interest to arborists: Petzl are also manufacturing their own throwline R02Y060 / R02Y300 Petzl AIRLINE Throwline (will be available in 60 or 200m lengths), throwbags S02Y250 / S02Y300 / S02Y350 Petzl JET Throwbags (will be available in 250g, 300g or 350g weights), a redesigned B02BRA / B02BLA Petzl PANTIN Foot Ascender (smaller in design, a stainless steel cam and a what looks like a more hard wearing buckle) – All due out in January 2012.

The sports market and cavers will be interested to hear that the B16BAA Petzl CROLL and B18BAA Petzl BASIC have been revamped. The new style Petzl CROLL has a stainless steel cam and a ‘protector plate’ making it more hardwearing. The new style Petzl BASIC is smaller, has space for two karabiners in the lower karabiner hole and its new shape makes it suprisingly comfortable in the palm of your hand (it is likely to replace the traditional jammers).

There is a revamped C47A Petzl Foottape with a larger buckle, reinforced underfoot webbing and an elasticated foot retainer ‘thingee’ (allows you to secure the strap to your foot to stop your foot slipping out). It does not have the little O ring of the original C47. And finally there are two new S47YS / S47YL Petzl Tool bags (small and Large) with side slots for hammers and a karabiner attachment hole. The large bag is ‘extendable’ using two zips running down the side of the bag.



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