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Comparison of the new Petzl ASAP Back-up Devices

There are now two versions of the popular Petzl ASAP Fall Arrest / Back-up device: the ASAP and the ASAP Lock.

– Both devices feature a rotating toothed wheel which arrests a fall by locking onto the rope if the device is shockloaded (when the wheel reaches a certain speed it automatically slows then locks onto the rope).
– Both have a stainless steel contact wheel for durability and corrosion resistance.
Petzl ASAP Lock
– Both conform to EN353-2 (Personal Protective Equipment against falls from height: Guided type fall arrestors on a flexible anchorage line) and EN12481 (Personal Fall Protection Equipment. Rope Access Systems. Rope adjustment devices).
– Both devices are certified to stop the fall of one person (test weight 100kg) but can be used in exceptional circumstances as a back-up for two persons (provided the following conditions are met: Using a L57 Absorbica Shock-absorbing lanyard without an extension) / Only for roped rescue work – emergency abseil pick-off of an immobile hanging victim / Only when all the risks in falling and shock loading are minimised (anchor failure, pendulum, sudden loading etc) / Only when the operation is carried out by a person experienced with this type of rescue). For users over 100kg please visit

Petzl ASAP 2014
– The ASAP Lock has a connection arm which gives a direct attachment to a lanyard (the Petzl Absorbica or ASAPsorber) and using the safety catches to open the device the user can put the device on, or remove it from the rope without detaching it from the harness thus eliminating the risk of dropping it. The standard ASAP is connected via triact triple action karabiner to the lanyard and this karabiner needs to be removed before the device can be put on or removed from the rope.
– The ASAP Lock has a Locking switch allowing it to be locked in one position on the rope, a useful feature which can help limit fall distances and prevent ‘bellying’ in high winds (where the rope is pulled through a device producing a long slack loop above it, which can result in longer fall distances and bigger shockloads in the event of a main line failure) .
– The ASAP Lock conform to both European standards (EN) and ANSI Z359.15 (for use in the US) making it suitable for use globally. The standard ASAP conforms just to EN standards.

For full product details:

Petzl ASAP Lock – Available 2014

Further to our post last week about a new Petzl ASAP which has just been shown at the IRATA meeting in Las Vegas, we are pleased to give you the first glimpse of the Petzl ASAP Lock Fall Arrester:

Petzl ASAP Lock Fall Arrester

The ASAP Lock is based around the very popular Petzl ASAP fall arrest device featuring a toothed wheel which allows the device to run up and down the rope without manual interference. If the device is shockloaded or gains too much inertia (such as during a mainline failure), the wheel locks on the rope arresting the fall of the user. The ASAP can be used with or without a tear out lanyard and has a connection arm offering a semi-permanent connection, helping minimise the risk of dropping the device when putting it on / removing it from the rope.

Close-up image of Lock on Petzl ASAP Lock Fall Arrester Device


Mobile fall arrester with locking function for difficult access.

The ASAP LOCK mobile fall arrester is designed to facilitate manipulations during rope ascents.

Weight: 425 g.
Certifications: CE EN 353-2, CE EN 12841 type A.

The locking function of the ASAP LOCK immobilizes the fall arrester on the rope, reducing the length of the fall

The connection arm of the ASAP LOCK makes the system drop-proof when passing intermediate anchors.

More information to follow!

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