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Mudders Mudboot Soft Mud Walking Boots

We occasionally come across a piece of equipment which raises eyebrows at first glance, the Mudderboot is one such product! Designed to be used on soft ground where there is a risk of someone sinking, the Mudder boot or mudders ‘wings’ spread out when the user stands on soft mud or sand keeping the person on the surface. These wings contract when on hard surfaces allowing the wearer to walk relatively normally.

The Mudder boot are a one size fit’s all boot and can be used with a variety of high leg footwear (wellies work best!). Whilst they could in theory be used with low slung footwear, the straps are likely to chaff the user. Ideal for cocklepickers, fishermen collecting bait, ecologists taking samples, mud rescue teams and many more…

The following video of the Mudders gives an indication of how useful they are. Compare the person who starts at the side of the boat wearing Mudders to the person making their way from the jetty side on the left!

Available to buy through our website: Mudder boot / Mudders UK

Mudderboots / Mudders – Footwear for soft mud

Getting stuck in soft mud can be incredibly dangerous but there is help at hand… Abaris International offer the bizzare looking Mudderboots or ‘Mudders’ which are proving very popular with rescue teams, marine scientific research organisations, cockle-pickers and bate diggers.
Mudder boots

These odd looking contraptions are simple in design, the ‘wings’ spread out when the foot presses them down onto mud or sand, allowing the wearer to walk across what would normally be treacherous surfaces. One-size-fits-all they fit to the bottom of pretty much all types of footwear.

For a video of them in action please click the following link: Mudders / Mudderboots Video

Or to buy: Buy Mudderboots in UK


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