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ISC Red Off-shore Approved Version

Abaris International are one of the lead distributors for the ISC Red Rope Access Backup device and have just received stock of the latest Offshore Approved version. This differs from the original model in that it has a second popper position (one is in a  lower position that previous making the device easier to tow <but the popper is likely to be harder to pop>) and it also features an extra length of cord on the non towing end of the cord which has a loop to connect to a karabiner lessening the risk of dropping it.


ISC Red Back-up now available from Abaris International

ISC RED Back-up Device with Popper (designed primarily for Rope Access) – For use with a cowstail of up to 800mm (with karabiners) from the central waist attachment point of a harness.

The ISC red back up device has non-aggressive cams and a positively locking spring which means the device is ‘self-parking’ rather than ‘self-tailing’ like many rope grabs (it stays in position rather than drifting down the rope!).

– Using ‘Rotational Braking’ the more the device rotates clockwise the more friction is built up and this provides an automatic brake even in the event of a sudden pull on the cowstail (such as if there is a mainline failure in Rope Access).

– The Popper version of the device is a breakaway clip which provides a secondary attachment point for the tow cord and allows the user to tow the device directly downwards without unintentionally engaging the device’s rotational braking system. However when the cord is pulled in a panic situation, the Popper clip releases under the force and the cord then works in conjunction with the rotational movement of the braking system.

Tested for a 2 person rescue – In rescue (up to 240Kg load)

For full details and the manufacturer’s user instructions please click here.


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