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DMM Revolver Rig – Release date update

Latest update for the release date of the much anticipated DMM Revolver Rig is September 2016. As ever with new products, release dates are flexible! DMM Revolver Rig

As soon as we know the price then forward orders will be welcomed.

The Revolver Rig will be available with a choice of gate options: screwgate, triple action (lift, twist & pull to open) and four way (twist, lift, twist & pull to open). The Revolver Rig features an integrated pulley wheel, small becket and a ‘horn’ (which is designed to limit the risk of side-loading the connector when it is used with a belay device such as a Petzl Grigri).

The Evolution of Petzl Serial Numbers – A complete guide

Did you know that every Petzl product now has a unique serial number, and the numbers and digits have a meaning?

In the early days Petzl’s serial numbers were 4 digits separated by a space e.g. 04 06, this simply told the user the month (April) and then the year (2006) of manufacture. This design was followed by a 6 digit format like the one below (01009A) which gave a little more information to the user, 01 is the year of manufacture (2001)/ 009 is the day of manufacture in that year (9th January) / A is the code of the person who inspected the product.

6 Digit Petzl Serial Number

Next came an 11 digit format Petzl serial number:

13 Digit Petzl Serial Number
This example shows the serial number (15041OI4974) with the first two numbers (15) corresponds to the year of manufacture I.e. 2015, the next three numbers (041) corresponds to the day of manufacture in that year I.e. the forty first day of 2015 (10 February), the two letters (OI) is the code of the person who inspected the product and the final four numbers (4974) is the individual product number / incrementation.

You may find products with the same first five numbers (i.e. have been manufactured on the same date), which have been inspected by the same person (so the first 7 digits will be the same) BUT the complete last four numbers will be different (0001, 0002 etc) and it is this difference that makes the full serial number unique.

Gradually being implemented (from 2016 onwards), the serial numbers will take the form of a 13 digit design and will look like the following:

13 Digit Petzl Serial Numbering 2016
The first two numbers (16) are the year of manufacture (2016), the single letter (C) is the month of manufacture (March), the next sevens numbers are the batch number, and the final three numbers are the incrementation.

And if you are wondering where the serial numbers are hidden on the Petzl Croll and Petzl Basic, check behind the catch!

Where is the serial number on a Petzl Croll and a Petzl Basic

On the Avao harness range the serial number is on a white tab tucked away in a small pocket in the waist belt padding on the right hip. For the new Petzl Newton and Volt harnesses, look for the pocket sewn into the top of the back section of the left leg loop.


Petzl Volt Wind Harness for wind turbine technicians

The Petzl Volt Wind Harness, which offers both fall arrest and work positioning capabilities for wind turbine technicians, is now in stock at and at our Holmfirth store.


With wind power having become a key part of the UK’s electricity generation infrastructure, there is a growing demand for specialist PPE for those working at height to inspect and maintain the country’s 5,200 onshore and 1,400 offshore turbines.

The new Volt Wind Harness is Petzl’s response to that demand and boasts a number of cleverly designed features to cope with some of the challenges posed by working on turbines.

One of the main advantages it offers over standard harnesses is rear wear protectors to stop the webbing being damaged by rubbing against the inside of the wind turbine body when moving about in the tower. This simple addition increases the durability of the Volt Wind Harness, giving it a longer safe life expectancy.

The Volt Wind Harness features a selection of attachment points to ensure it is compatible with the relevant safety and positioning equipment while you work on wind turbines. They include sternal and dorsal attachment points for fall arrest systems, side attachment points for positioning lanyards and a rear waistbelt point for a restraint lanyard.

Perhaps most usefully of all if you use vertical rail or cable-based fall protection systems, the ladder climb attachment is on the waist and distributes the load on the waistbelt for increased comfort during progression. In the event of a fall, the attachment point automatically moves upwards to leave you suspended in an upright position rather than being pivoted at the waist.


Further safety features include foldaway side D-rings to prevent snagging when not in use and a stowage system on each shoulder strap to keep fall arrest lanyard connectors out of the way when they are not being used. The stowage points are designed to release in the event of a fall to allow the fall arrest lanyard to fully deploy.

While safety is the primary focus of all good PPE, it also helps if it is comfortable – particularly if you are going to be suspended up a wind turbine for any period of time. Fortunately, the Petzl Volt Wind Harness was designed with that in mind, making it an ideal choice for longer duration maintenance and repair tasks – particularly if you add the optional Volt Harness Seat.


The combination of lightweight, breathable mesh jacket and quick release buckles on the waistbelt and leg loops make the harness easy to put on and ensure it keeps its shape. Once you are wearing the harness, you will benefit from a design that gives optimal freedom of movement, a semi-rigid waistbelt for maximum support and adjustable leg loop foam. There are even loops that allow a toolbag to be clipped to the harness for easy access.

Click here to order your Petzl Volt Wind Harness or to find size information. Alternatively, if you have any questions about whether this is the right harness for your requirements, give us a call on 01484 768277.

AustriAlpin Cobra Buckles Safety Notice – January / February 2016

We have just been informed of a safety notice on the AustriAlpin Cobra buckles. Very small quantities of the COBRA® buckles manufactured have been found to be riveted incorrectly (0.0000005% = 1 out of 2 million).

This is relevant for any Abaris International who has bought any of the following products which contain these buckles:

LSYNRAS Lyon Synergy Restricted Access Stretcher
LSYNRAS DE Lyon Synergy Restricted Access Stretcher (German version)
LSYNRAS MK2 Lyon Synergy Restricted Access Stretcher MK2
LSYNRAS MK2 DE Lyon Synergy Restricted Access Stretcher MK2 (German version)
RL3000RX-V20 Kohlbrat and Bunz Roll up stretcher
RL3000GX-V20 Kohlbrat and Bunz Roll up stretcher
SK208C SKED quick release buckle system sold as an accessory for the SK200 stretcher

AustriAlpin have requested that a visual inspection is carried out on all of their COBRA® buckles. Guidance on how to carry out
the inspection can be found here.

AustriAlpin Cobra Buckles Safety Notice 2016

Petzl Pin’Lock Karabiner

Occasionally we see a product which gets us very very excited, and here’s one of those: Petzl Am’D Karabiner with a ‘pin lock’ gate.
Petzl Pin Lock Karabiner

With adventure parks in mind, Petzl have designed a tamper resistant gate which helps little fingers fiddling with a karabiner and opening the gate when they shouldn’t be.

The pin lock gate is a double action (twist and pull action to open) but with a safety mechanism, a small recessed button needs to be pushed in using either an unlocking ring key or a glove stud before the gate can be rotated.

Petzl Pinlock Carabiner

Available as individual karabiners or in a pack of 10. Worth noting that the glove stud is only supplied with a 10 pack (when buying individual Pin Lock karabiners, the product is only supplied with the unlocking ring key).

For full spec or to order please click the following link:…/…/Petzl-AmD-Pin-Lock-Karabiner.htm

Karabiners with integrated pulleys – A review of the DMM Revolver Rig and Petzl Rollclip

Climbers will be aware of the DMM Revolver karabiners, innovative little connectors which feature a small pulley wheel, designed to reduce the friction drag of a rope when it was pulled through the karabiner. A nifty design!

Next year (2016), there will see the launch of a big brother from DMM Professional called a Revolver Rig and also some competitor products from Petzl.

Karabiners with integrated pulley

Abaris International have been lucky enough to have our hands on both products to do an initial review. So here it is:

The DMM offering, the Revolver Rig is a beautiful and well made connector-cum-pulley, which will be available with a variety of gate options, screwgate, Locksafe / triple action (lift, twist and pull to open) or Durolock (a four action opening). The karabiner design is similar to the DMM Rhino which has a horn feature at the top of the spine which significantly reduces the risk of the karabiner cross loading during rigging or when used with devices and pulleys. It also has a becket which can take an 8mm cord, allowing the karabiner to be used as part of hauling system with mechanical advantage.

DMM Revolver Rig Mechanical Advantage

The DMM Revolver Rig is due out in summer 2016 with a choice of either bushings or roller balls, the latter for greater efficiency.

Petzl have developed the very nicely made Rollclip karabiner which will be able available from mid January 2016 with either a snapgate or a triact / triple action gate. The snapgate fits through the karabiner attachment hole at the bottom of the Petzl Ascension Hand Ascender and is likely to prove a hit with rope access techs who want to do a short ascent by using a combination of descender and hand ascender to move up the rope rather than transfer into full ‘ascent mode’. The one thing that may seem a little strange to regular karabiner users, is that the gates open in the normal way when the Rollclip is orientated with the pulley wheel at the top (the same as the standard DMM Revolver but opposite to the new DMM Revolver Rig), it just feels a little strange, but maybe that’s just us! Also worth noting is that the triact version does not fit through the Petzl Ascension Hand Ascender karabiner hole )+: Finally, unlike the DMM Revolver Rig, there is no becket, but we still believe it has multiple uses.

All products should be on the wishlist of rescue teams, particularly those who deal in confined spaces where height loss due to daisy-chaining or interconnecting karabiners and devices and pulleys may be an issue. The integrated pulley also avoid another metal on metal connection.

Our verdict: All types are worth the money!

For full spec and pre-orders please click through to the relevant product page:

DMM Revolver Rig

Petzl Rollclip

Petzl standardising their karabiner range for 2016

Petzl are standardising their karabiner range with an updated H profile design for their Am’D and William karabiners. Due out in 2016, the H profile provides an optimal strength / weight ratio. In line with the remainder of their karabiner range, the new Am’D and Williams have a fluid interior design and key lock nose, which help limit the risk of snagging, and the former helps facilitate the rotation of the karabiner.

Fluid Petzl Karabiner Design

The Petzl Am’D and William carabiners will be available with a range of gate options, screwgate (with red gate open warning marker), double action (twist pull to open – Am’D only), triact / triple action (lift, twist and pull to open), ball-lock (popular with arborists) and a new very clever ‘Pin Lock‘ (double action but requiring a stud to be pressed using a pin or press stud – Am’D only).

New Petzl AMD and William Karabiners 2016

The Pin Lock is likely to be a hit with adventure parks as it ensures that the only people who can open the karabiner are those with a stud in their glove or with a pin.

Petzl Pin Lock Karabiner


Another clever associated addition to the Petzl range is the Petzl Captiv, a retro-fittable captive bar (can be added or removed to the new design Am’D karabiners using two small screws). Captive bars or integrated eyelets are ideal for reducing the risk of side-loading a karabiner. The great thing about a removable captive bar is that it can be temporarily removed to either replace a rope in or inspect a device such as a Petzl Grillon.

Petzl Captiv


All are available to purchase through our website

Black Friday / End of year Deals

As Black Friday is when everyone is looking for a deal, we thought we’d use today to launch our end of year stock clearance deals. Please click the following link to download a Word document giving you more details. The deals are strictly whilst stocks last. Call the office on 01484 768277 if you would like to snap up one of these bargains:

Click here for our 2015 Black Friday / End of year Sale items

We will adding to this over the next month so please bookmark this page and keep popping back!


How to retrofit a scaffold hook to a Petzl Jane lanyard

One of our frequently asked questions is: How do we retrofit a scaffold hook to the sewn eye of a Petzl Jane lanyard

Today (25 November 2015) there is one recognised option which involves using an 8mm Standard Shape Maillon Rapide (which should be screwed on to a torque of 3.0 N.m).

In 2016 there will be another option, one which we think is a much improved option: Use a Petzl MGO Open Scaffold Hook which has a gate which can be opened using a hex / allen key. This method avoids metal on metal connections.

Fitting a scaffold hook to a Petzl Jane Lanyard

DMM Karabiner Safety Warning / Recall latest (ed 3)

DMM are issuing a product recall, subject to user inspection. This document details the products that are affected
by the recall and contains instructions to identify whether or not an affected product should be returned to DMM.

In a small percentage of carabiners the interaction between the internal coil spring (which gives the gate its closing action) and the gate pusher (the component that holds the spring against the carabiner body) may cause the gate pusher to displace, potentially preventing the gate from closing or the mechanism from locking completely.

DMM Karabiner Recall

Gate Pusher User Inspection

Please use the following information to identify the type of gate pusher that is installed in your carabiner and subsequently whether or not your carabiner is affected by this recall.

DMM Gate Pusher Inspection

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