New Petzl Professional 2019 products

A look at some of the new Petzl Professional 2019 products. These new products are scheduled for availability in the UK in April 2019. Keep an eye on our website and our blog for further updates and information.


Petzl I’D S and I’D L

Petzl D020AA00-ID-SThere are some clear changes for the two devices:

  • AUTO-LOCK system – the handle automatically returns to the lock position when it’s release (without having to manipulate the handle or tie off)
  • Safety gate on the moving side panel – allows rope installation without removing the device from the harness (already on I’D S, new to the I’D L)
  • Stainless steel wear plate – improves durability by reinforcing the rope friction zone
  • Two possible descent modes – over the side plate or in the v-shaped friction channel
  • Rope can be taken up without manipulating the handle
  • The button on the handle has been removed


Petzl d020ca00_id_EVAC

There are some minor tweaks too:

Petzl I’D S

  • Device weight has increased from 530g to 600g

Petzl I’D L (primarily designed for technical rescue)

  • Rope diameter compatibility has changed from 11.5mm-13mm and is now 12.5mm-13mm
  • Maximum working load increased from 272kg to 280kg
  • Device weight has increased from 530g to 600g

Petzl I’D EVAC

Petzl d020ca00_id_EVACThis new device is a self-braking descender (with anti-panic function) for lowering from an anchor. The handle is specifically orientated for managing a load from the anchor.

  • Maximum working load 250kg
  • Rope compatibility 10mm-11.5mm
  • Friction spur can provide additional friction, when required
  • Gray handle to differentiate between the I’D S and I’D L
  • Weight 615g





We’ve written separate blog posts for the Petzl VERTEX and Petzl STRATO range because of their importance and the scope of changes. Please see our blogs:

  • The new 2019 Petzl VERTEX helmet
  • The new 2019 Petzl STRATO helmet


Petzl have dropped the name ‘BEST’. The range now comprises of the VERTEX and VERTEX VENT.








The Petzl STRATO replaces the ALVEO. There are two helmets in this range: STRATO and the STRATO VENT. Again, we’ve written a separate blog post for the Petzl STRATO to highlight the differences between the new STRATO and the ALVEO it replaces.



Petzl ASTRO (International)

Petzl ASTRO BOD International C083BA0x

As the name suggests, this is the International version of the ASTRO harness released earlier this year. In addition to the features found on an International harness (International conformity including a fall indicator on the dorsal/rear fall arrest attachment point and ANSI rated buckles), there are some differences to the European version:

  • The webbing securing the ventral attachment point is different and the plastic insert for attaching a PROGRESS lanyard through, has been removed
  • Metal lateral (side D) attachment points
  • FAST buckle on one shoulder for easy donning and removal
  • Different FAST buckles to the European version (pinch grip)
  • Wider webbing from the ventral attachment point to the legloops

Petzl AVAO (International)


AVAO BOD FAST (International) C071DA0x

In addition to the features found on an International harness (as above), there are some differences to the European version:

  • Petzl Bm’D with CAPTIV bar
  • Different FAST buckles to the European version
  • Wider webbing from the ventral attachment point to the legloops



Petzl SEQUOIA C069AA0x

Petzl have changed the Sequoia (C069AA0x), Sequoia SRT (C069BA0x) and the seat (S069AA00). Features of the harnesses now include:

  • New FAST buckle on the waistbelt
  • New FAST LT PLUS buckles on the legloops
  • Increased padding on waistbelt and legloops
  • Two new gated attachment points
  • Two additional pre-shaped equipment loops with protective sheath (9 in total)



Petzl P042AA00-CARITOOL-SThe gate now has a protective covering to limit accidental snagging.

  • Small – P042AA00
  • Large – P042AA01



Petzl BmD Triact-Lock


A lightweight aluminium asymmetrical high-strength Karabiner

  • D-shaped
  • Reinforced sleeve for greater front and lateral gate strength
  • TRIACT-LOCK automatic  locking system
  • 32kN on major axis strength
  • H-shaped cross-section
  • Available in gray (M032AA00) and black (M032AA01)


Petzl STRING L (M090AA0x)

Petzl M090AA00-STRING-LNew clear STRING. This enables you to see if the karabiner has been properly captivated in both the STRING and the webbing.

– STRING L for webbing 15 – 20 mm wide
– STRING XL for webbing 25 – 30 mm wide



Now contains the new Petzl I’D EVAC

Still available in three lengths:

Length30 m60 m120 m
Weight4300 g6600 g11300 g


Petzl TOOLBAG XS (S047AA00)


Petzl TOOLBAG XS (S047AA00)

  • 1.3 litre
  • 105 grams




For more information on the new Petzl Professional 2019 products, please visit Petzl’s ‘Sneak preview 2019’ page at