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How to fit a pin in a captive bar carabiner

As we now stock various carabiners with captive bar / pin we thought it would be worth giving guidance on the correct fitting of the pin.

After setting up the karabiner in a suitable vice:

Step 1
Make sure the ribbed end of the pin with a slight kink is at the top and the curve / kink is going in the direction of the base of the karabiner (in the direction the finger is pointing in the following image)
Captive Bar Fitting

Step 2
Start to hammer the pin in (you will note it comes up short), as the pin reaches the back bar of the karabiner, use two fingers to pull the tip of the pin towards the hole, then keep hammering until it slots into the hole.

Step 3
Use a hole punch (or another pin) to fully seat the pin
Captive Pin fitting in a carabiner

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How to use a throwline, throwbag and rope launcher to get a rope into a tree for tree climbing

We have updated our arborist product details to include some information on how to use throwbags, throwlines and rope launchers to get a rope up into a tree.  This includes a helpful YouTube video showing how to use a Cambium Saver / Treesbee False Crotch.

Once the rope is up you then have the choice of using the traditional single rope tree climbing technique using either prussiks / hitch climber / Petzl Zigzag, or the more mechanically based dual ‘rope access’ type technique using hand ascenders, chest ascenders and a back-up device on a second rope.


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