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Charities Zero Rating Rescue Equipment

Eligible bodies who hold a valid declaration of eligibility and /or sufficient evidence to demonstrate eligibility for the relief, can obtain some goods and services at zero VAT, if the supply is of medical, scientific, computer, video, sterilising, laboratory, or refrigeration equipment, and this equipment is being purchased to be used by an eligible body mainly for medical or veterinary research, training, diagnosis or treatment, and they are paid for using charitable or donated funds.

Full information can be found on the HMRC website by clicking here.

Paragraph 4.8 specifically concerns Rescue Equipment:

4.8 Which rescue equipment qualifies for zero-rating?

Rescue equipment is only zero-rated under this relief when all of the following conditions are met:


Condition Description
1 The supply is of:

  • telecommunication equipment;
  • light enhancing equipment;
  • heat detecting equipment; or
  • aural or visual equipment,

that is not of a type ordinarily supplied for private or recreational use.

2 The equipment is supplied to, or for donation to, a charity that provides rescue or first aid services.
3 The equipment is to be used by the charity solely for providing rescue or first aid services.


Rescue equipment that is eligible for zero-rating includes:

– image intensifiers, heat seekers and similar specialist equipment used to locate casualties;
– flares used to illuminate large areas for search purposes; and
– two-way radios that are pre-calibrated to the emergency frequency.

General-use items such as mobile phones and pagers; binoculars; torches; searchlights; and loudhailers are not zero-rated, even when they are purchased for use by a rescue or first aid charity.

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IRATA Statement on the Petzl Shunt sent to IRATA Member Training Companies / assessors – August 2014

IRATA have recommended to their trainers / assessors that they should phase out the use of a Petzl Shunt as a back-up device for rope access. The full statement can be read by clicking here.

Checking a rope for contamination

How you can analyse a rope to see if a discoloured section has been contaminated with acid

Just looking through some old articles (2009), we came across an interesting British Mountaineering Council (BMC) report on a Beal rope that snapped whilst in use on a climbing wall.

Paragraph 2 details the use of distilled water and a pH test to establish if the area of the break had been contaminated with an acid.

To read the full article click here


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