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New Petzl ASAP for 2014 – IN STOCK

We are pleased to have just received stock of the new version of the Petzl ASAP. The B71AAA ASAP is a slimmed down version of the current B71 ASAP with a few extra design tweaks:

The body is smaller making the ASAP lighter, 295g as opposed to 350g, and gives it a more ergonomic feel in the hand. The karabiner attachment hole is now triangular in shape which will help reduce the ‘mushrooming’ which can occur with a karabiner repeatedly contacting with one section of a round hole. The cam is now made from stainless steel giving it more longevity and has a protector plate on its lower section to replace the more bulky plastic cover on the B71 version.

Petzl ASAP New Petzl ASAP 2014[/caption]

To order or for more information visit Please also look at the downloads section on this made for the Petzl ASAP product experience.

Rigging Angles

A very good video showing how the pull on your anchor points differs depending upon the angle at which the ropes are set. With two anchor points, a 100kg mass will exert 50% of it’s force on each anchor when the ropes are 30 degrees apart, at 90 degrees the force increases to 70% on each anchor, at 120 degrees this goes it to 100% (100kg).

One interesting and important thing to note is that if the angle is between 0 and 30 degrees then if the pull is not even on the anchors then the force on one anchor increases exponentially! A picture (video) paints a thousand words:

Rigging Angles (coutesy of High Point Access & Rescue)


Petzl Zig Zag in UK and Recall of original version

With the first batch of the new Petzl Zig Zag now available in UK, we thought we would once again make a plea to the few arborists in UK who have sneakily held onto the original version to return it to Petzl. The original version of the Petzl ZigZag had a design fault which could lead to serious injury or death. Anyone returning the original version will be able to exchange it for the new version and have any costs involved in the return refunded.

Full details see below:

Summary of the facts
On Friday, April 12, Petzl was informed of an accidental fall in a training center in Germany. This fall was related to a failure of the rope end attachment hole of the original Petzl ZIGZAG mechanical Prusik with serial number below 13108******. Petzl have since been informed of another identical failure.
These failures were the result of a particular configuration of a cantilevered and off axis loaded upper carabiner.
Petzl believes that this incorrect positioning of the connector could inadvertently occur during normal use with the potential for serious injury or death.
UK Petzl ZIGZAG Recall AlertOn April 25, 2013, Petzl decided to recall all original design ZIGZAG mechanical Prusiks with serial number below 13108******. The original recall notice can be downloaded here. This recall does not affect the new Petzl ZIGZAG

Continued use of the original ZIGZAG with serial number below 13108****** poses a risk of serious injury or death.
As previously announced, the new version of the ZIGZAG will be available in mid-January 2014. A summary of the changes made to the product can be viewed here.
If you still own a ZIGZAG affected by the recall (serial number below 13108******), we request that you immediately contact our Customer Services team using either +44 (0)15396 26260 or to take advantage of the exchange procedure for your original ZIGZAG with serial number below 13108******.
This will be replaced with a 2014 version and we will also include a complementary Petzl Buff.
Petzl are fully aware of the inconvenience caused by this issue. Please accept their full apologies and thanks for your continued trust.

If you would like to buy a new version Zig Zag please click here.

Ridgegear increases recommended lifespan of their products

Following extensive testing of their webbing and manufacturing processes, Ridgegear have increased the recommended lifespan of their products to ten years.

Press Release from Ridgegear

I’m delighted to announce that, following extensive testing of our webbing and manufacturing processes, we have increased the recommended lifespan of our products to ten years, across the entire RidgeGear harness range.

All yarn is tested for tensile strength and elongation prior to weaving
Webbing is assessed against FMVSS209 for abrasion and in accordance with FMVSS302 for flammability
The finished product is tested for tensile strength, loading, elongation and colour fastness
In addition, all of our harnesses and lanyards are subject to periodic dynamic and static performance tests to EN requirements.

All of this is what you would expect from a company that is part of one of the largest Weaving Group of companies in the world.

However, as UV light is one of the factors that can cause webbing degradation, in addition to these standard tests we have decided to add an UV ageing test. This simulates long UV exposure on harness and lanyard webbings in both polyester and nylon.

The results showed that the breaking loads on all of our webbing types were between 85-98% of their original value, against a minimum requirement of 70%.

It is the success of this additional test, alongside our standard assessments, that has allowed us to increase the lifespan of our products by a further five years.

So the next time you or your customers are considering the purchase of Height Safety products don’t just ask if the product conforms to standard, but ask if it will do so in 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or even
10 years? With Ridgegear products, we not only think it will, we know it will and can prove it.

This new 10-year harness lifespan is effective on all harnesses manufactured on or after January 2010 – identifiable by the production date on the label.


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