Stolen Rope Access Equipment

Last week we sent an order of rope access equipment to a customer which was stolen from their lock-up near Newcastle. Every item was individually marked with a unique ID to the company and we would ask that anyone who is offered any equipment at an unbelievable price or see a load of equipment being sold on Ebay without any technical info indicating it’s been bought by someone who uses the kit, contacts us.

The items stolen are all marked with a 10 digit identification starting CSI (CSI001/014, CSI001/015, CSI002/099 etc).

The items stolen include:

Lyon 1m Wire Strops with eyelets and protective sleeve
Petzl Shunt
All black Petzl Ascension Right handed Ascenders
All black Petzl Rig Descenders
Petzl Grigri
Beal Genius Pocket Bags
Black Lyon 40 tr Bags
Petzl Avao Bod Croll Fast Harnesses
Petzl Footloop
Lyon 1m x 25mm Tape Slings
Foin Steel Oval Screwgate Karabiners
All black Petzl Pulley Fixe
Standard gold colour Petzl Pulley Fixe
Petzl Alveo Best in white