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ISC Red Off-shore Approved Version

Abaris International are one of the lead distributors for the ISC Red Rope Access Backup device and have just received stock of the latest Offshore Approved version. This differs from the original model in that it has a second popper position (one is in a  lower position that previous making the device easier to tow <but the popper is likely to be harder to pop>) and it also features an extra length of cord on the non towing end of the cord which has a loop to connect to a karabiner lessening the risk of dropping it.


Rope Access window cleaning without the ropes!

LOOK no ropes! £2000 fine for a window cleaner who thought he was spiderman (click here for the article / click the image for the video):


Harness failure through likely chemical contamination

A must read for those whose lives rely on the PPE they are wearing: Interesting research and article by Black Diamond following a catastrophic failure of a climbing harness after possible contamination with an unknown substance


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