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Petzl recall the Zigzag

Following a failure of another Petzl Zigzag in the same circumstances as the one which failed in Germany, Petzl have decided to issue a full product recall. This notice overrides all previous notices. Anyone who has purchased a Petzl Zigzag should stop using it immediately and return it to the supplier they bought it from for a full refund.

For the full Petzl Recall Statement please click here. Updated version (24 April 2013) please click here.

Legal requirement to inspect PPE

Various reasons why you need to inspect PPE:

There is your personal safety and health reason! – PPE is designed to keep you safe and inspecting it ensures it is fit for use and will keep you alive!

Then there is the legal requirement – Various regulations tell you you have to (this applies both to companies and individuals as it is not only your own responsibility but also the responsibility of the company employing you to ensure you are using the correct PPE, and furthermore that it has been maintained as per any guidance / legal requirements. You may well find that if you go onto a work site the Health and Safety Manager asks for your Certificates of Conformity and equipment inspection log):

The Work at Height Regulations 2005 require that equipment which is exposed to conditions which may cause deterioration or each time exceptional circumstances have occurred should be inspected.

Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) 1998 states that ‘Thorough examinations’ by a ‘competent person’ of any lifting equipment used for lifting persons (such as Rope Access Personal Protective Equipment) are required by law to be conducted at least every 6 months (or less if recommended by the equipment manufacturer)

Management of Health and Safety at Work (MHSW) Regulations 1999 require intermittent inspections in between thorough examinations (in addition to standard pre-use checks) should be carried out in accordance with your risk assessment.

The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 (as amended) require employers to maintain fall arrest equipment in good repair, including appropriate replacement.

To read more about your requirements and what Abaris International can do to help, please go to our PPE Inspection page.

Happy Birthday Abaris International – 10 years old today!

Happy Birthday Abaris International – It was exactly 10 years ago today that our MD, former Royal Marines Officer Will Beeley, set up the company.

We have continued to grow year on year, expanding both within UK and internationally, and are now proud to be one of, if not the biggest stockist of Petzl in UK. Not forgetting the many other high quality brands we represent and offer. Many more products will be added to our website over the coming months including more from DMM, P+P, Edelrid, Spanset, Checkmate, Tractel, Heightec, 5.11…

We hope for many more years of success, and that we can continue to exceed our customers expectation from knowledge, service, delivery and after-sales points of view.

Thank you to all our great customers for your business, we look forward to being at your service at any point you need us.

Kind regards
The Abaris Team

Petzl Zigzag STOP USE Notice

Petzl have just released a STOP USE notice following the incident in Germany we tweeted about last weekend. If you have bought a Petzl Zigzag mechanical Prussik please stop using it immediately. For a clearer image please click the Zigzag Stop Use notice image below:

Petzl Zig Zag Safety Alert

Petzl Zigzag Statement following training centre incident in Germany and product recall notice

24 April

Following an identical failure of another Zigzag, Petzl have issued a product recall for the Petzl Zigzag.

19 April

Following the Petzl statement on 15th April and having now had an opportunity to assess the Zigzag that failed in use, Petzl have released an urgent STOP USE notice. Users of the Petzl Zigzag are being asked to stop using the mechanical prussik immediately. Anyone with a ‘ZZ’ can either return the device to their supplier and ask for a refund or can keep hold of it until Petzl have tested methods they are developing to stop the karabiner from rotating and causing the canter-levering effect cause caused the catastrophic failure in Germany. For more information and the full Petzl Stop Use notice please click here.

16 April

Petzl have released the following statement on the Petzl Zigzag following the incident in Germany we tweeted about over the weekend.

Note from Abaris International: We would like reassure any Petzl customer that having been involved with Petzl for 12 years we know that they will indeed investigate fully and would not shy away from a decision to recall any device if they deemed it necessary, whatever the cost to them. Petzl take your safety very seriously.

Safety Information: Petzl ZIGZAG mechanical Prusik
April 15th 2013

On Friday, April 12, Petzl was informed of an accidental fall in a training center in Germany. The injured person was moving at height using a Petzl ZIGZAG mechanical Prusik. The first observations have shown that the fall was due to a failure of the rope-end attachment hole. After hospitalization, the injured person returned home on April 14. We are deeply concerned and we wish him a very quick recovery.

Current information regarding the accident (as of April 15): 
As of today, Petzl has been able to gather the following information:
• Photos of the Petzl ZIGZAG and the rope-end attachment hole
• A preliminary telephone account by the injured person.

This information seems to indicate that:
• The upper carabiner may have been cantilevered and cross-loaded
• The injured person was descending while performing repeated, sudden stops while using the device in a training center.

Nevertheless, to have a clearer vision of the accident’s cause, Petzl is in contact with the injured person to obtain the following missing information and equipment as quickly as possible:
• A description of the complete system used by the injured person
• The ZIGZAG, the two connectors, the rope and any other devices that may have been used.

Technical reminders

ZIGZAG design:
• The ZIGZAG is CE-certified PPE and designed to resist static loads greater than 15 kN.
• The side plates are constructed with the same materials and adhere to the same side plate requirements as similar products (ID, GRIGRI, RIG).

Use of connectors:
A carabiner should always be loaded on its major axis. If it is cross-loaded, side-loaded or loaded off axis, it can:
• Break under low loads (ex: gate breakage at 1 to 2 kN)
• Or, if cantilevered, it can transmit very high loads (4 to 5 times the applied load)

Sudden stopping during a descent could transmit dynamic loads up to 3 to 4 kN. The combination of both incorrectly loaded carabiners and sudden stops could generate dynamic forces greater than 15 kN and exceed the minimum breaking strength of the attachment points of the connected device.

Ongoing testing
Taking into account the information that we currently know of this incident, Petzl is now conducting a battery of tests to understand the precise causes of this accident. To date, our preliminary in-house tests do not show this potential failure even under high loads (cross-loaded, side-loaded or loaded off axis) of 10-15 kN. We are continuing different testing scenarios to try to understand the failure.

Follow-up action and recommendations
• Petzl takes this accident and the safety of its users very seriously. We will communicate the final results of our tests and our conclusions on our website by Tuesday, April 23, 2013.
• Until then, you can continue to use your ZIGZAG in accordance with the technical notice, ensuring that the attachment carabiners remain oriented on their major axes. 
• As an additional measure of precaution, we recommend that you put in place a connector retaining solution that keeps the connectors oriented on their major axes.

We draw your attention to the following points, which are applicable to all metallic PPE:
• Inspect before use for the following:
– the absence of cracks or fissures
– the absence of product deformation.
• Verify during use that your carabiners are always correctly loaded on their major axis.
• Ensure the compatibility of all components in your system.


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Abaris MD raising money for Oxfam

Blood, sweat and tears for Oxfam…

After years of running marathons and half marathons and wishing to volunteer for anything to keep the middle aged spread at bay, Will, our MD has decided to try a walk!

Coerced into joining 3 friends, he will be walking 100km non-stop in about 24 hours in the Yorkshire Dales. The race (he is a former Royal Marines Officer), I mean walk, is all cross country and over the 100km will also ‘enjoy’ doing the equivalent height gained of twice up Snowdon.

It promises to be gruelling but the cause is certainly worthwhile. We are offering our customers the opportunity to help us collectively raise >£1,400 for Oxfam and would welcome your kind donation; everything counts, large or small. To learn more about what we are doing take a look at this link

We have a few “prizes” to entice would be “donators” that we intend to raffle off. Everyone that donates will be put into the raffle.

Some of the random “prizes” (and they are very random…) include a brand new Mammut Jacket (£160!), some Petzl tee shirts, various England Rugby tops, some Umbro hoodies, some sailing gloves, a bottle of Whiskey, a £10 Amazon voucher and a box of chocolates… amongst other things.

To sponsor us please follow this link:

Latest Product Availability News – 11 April 2013

Just to keep you up-to-date with supply – There are currently supply issues into UK with the following products:

D21 – Petzl Zigzag – Petzl have had issues sourcing one of the components – We know there is no stock coming in next week
C71CFA01 – Petzl Avao Bod Croll Fast harness in size 1 – No stock due in next week
PPENZ08 – 8mm Standard Shape Maillons – More stock due next week
BSAC.PW45 – Beal Pro Work 45 Litre Rope Bag – Due end of April / Early May
BSAC.PW60 – Beal Pro Work 60 Litre Rope Bag – Due end of April / Early May
K52N – Petzl Cordex Gloves in Black – Could be up to 6 months before stock in UK!
K53N – Petzl Cordex Plus Gloves in Black – Could be up to 6 months before stock in UK!
A14 – Petzl Vizen – Not yet released by Petzl
Edelrid Floating Rope – The last batch of rope did not pass the testing but more stock is due into UK next week


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