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Ropeman 3 Recall Notice – 29th October 2012

Ropeman 3 Recall Notice – Statement released by the manufacturer – 29th October 2012

For the safety of all of our customers we are issuing an immediate recall of the Wild Country Ropeman 3. If you own a Wild Country Ropeman 3 please read this notice carefully and follow the instructions “How to Return the Product”.

Reason for the recall:
The Ropeman III ascending device meets the requirements of EN567 (Mountaineering Equipment. Rope Clamps), however it has come to our attention that in certain circumstances, rather than locking on the rope as expected, the Ropeman III may slip when initially loaded.

This slippage is more likely to occur when the rope is under significant tension and the cam of the Ropeman III has not been specifically set in position on the rope by the user.

Once the cam has been properly located on the rope and the Ropeman 3 loaded without slippage the device will perform as expected. Never-the-less we recognize that there may well be scenarios particularly in difficult conditions such as poor weather, extreme fatigue or during the course of an accident where the Ropeman 3 may not in our opinion be fully relied upon to meet the reasonable expectations of the user.

Details of products affected:
Wild Country Ropeman 3 Blue / Red – 14ROPE3B, 14ROPE3R
Wild Country Ropeman 3 Red / Blue Synergy Lite Set – 14ROPE3BSET, 14ROPE3RSET

EAN Barcode 14ROPE3B = 5033286040458 / 14ROPE3R = 5033286040472
                      14ROPE3BSET = 5033286040465 / 14ROPE3RSET = 5033286040489

Batch Codes Affected : LAL, LBL, MMA, MMB, MMC, MMD, MME, MMF, MMG, MMH, M

The products marked with the batch codes listed above can be identified by their aluminium ridged cam. Following product modification future Ropeman 3 will have a stainless steel toothed cam.

The Ropeman 1 and Ropeman 2 are NOT affected by this recall.

For full details of the recall and to find out how to return your Ropeman 3, please read the manufacturers statement here. An FAQs page can be found here.

A sneak preview of some of the new Petzl Products for 2013

We have been lucky enough to be the first company in UK to see the full range of new Petzl products for 2013.

The big news: Rumours of a new harness range…

Also the following new products:

D22 Petzl ZIG ZAG (due for release late Jan / early Feb 2013)
A very clever ‘mechanical prussik’ recently shown for the first time at one of the major Arb shows in France. Designed for use with 11.5-13mm ropes it comprised an integrated pulley, a swivel (which pivots too!), a connection point for a karabiner (the device is designed for use on a single rope looped over a branch) and the concertina Zig Zag section which essentially works like a prussik but is made of metal. It looks an amazing piece of equipment and eliminates the risk of novices not tying prussiks correctly. Only down side is that it can’t be fitted mid rope (rope end needs feeding through which could take some time!).

Also of interest to arborists: Petzl are also manufacturing their own throwline R02Y060 / R02Y300 Petzl AIRLINE Throwline (will be available in 60 or 200m lengths), throwbags S02Y250 / S02Y300 / S02Y350 Petzl JET Throwbags (will be available in 250g, 300g or 350g weights), a redesigned B02BRA / B02BLA Petzl PANTIN Foot Ascender (smaller in design, a stainless steel cam and a what looks like a more hard wearing buckle) – All due out in January 2012.

The sports market and cavers will be interested to hear that the B16BAA Petzl CROLL and B18BAA Petzl BASIC have been revamped. The new style Petzl CROLL has a stainless steel cam and a ‘protector plate’ making it more hardwearing. The new style Petzl BASIC is smaller, has space for two karabiners in the lower karabiner hole and its new shape makes it suprisingly comfortable in the palm of your hand (it is likely to replace the traditional jammers).

There is a revamped C47A Petzl Foottape with a larger buckle, reinforced underfoot webbing and an elasticated foot retainer ‘thingee’ (allows you to secure the strap to your foot to stop your foot slipping out). It does not have the little O ring of the original C47. And finally there are two new S47YS / S47YL Petzl Tool bags (small and Large) with side slots for hammers and a karabiner attachment hole. The large bag is ‘extendable’ using two zips running down the side of the bag.


Equipment Lifespans for Petzl, Beal, Lyon, Mammut, DMM and other widely used brands

In our quest to offer the most useful information on the equipment we supply, we have put together a list of the recommended product lifetimes for various popular brands, please click on our Technical Information

Petzl NAO Headtorch

I was out mountain biking last weekend at Gwdyr Forest in Wales. It’s a great circuit and as usual I left it a bit late (or am I getting slow?). Anyway things started to get a bit dark and spooky in the woods and even though I had Jake (mydog) with me I felt it may be a bit better if I got my head torch out.

This was the first time I had used my NAO in anger and I must say it’s a fantastic piece
of kit. In the clearings where all is bright it automatically dimmed down and the instant I entered the more dense forestry it brightened detailing every root and rock, so no nasty surprises for me.
The rechargeable battery lasted really well with no sign of dimming but I recharged it from my car on my way home.
Dead chuffed with my new toy.The Petzl head torch is available direct from Abaris International

Rope Access Back-up Devices – Your choice!

Latest information on Back-up Devices for Rope Access

Back up Devices

Since Petzl’s last statement on the use of the B03 Petzl Shunt while towed by a cord as a back-up device in rope access (Click here to read the Petzl Shunt statement and here for the IRATA Shunt statement) we have been getting  a lot enquiries asking what can be used in it’s place, so here are the most popular alternatives:

B71 Petzl ASAP. Made by Petzl, comes complete with OK Triact Karabiner, it travels up and down the rope with no contact from the operator. As it’s a toothed device ordinarily used with a shock absorbing lanyard. There are three types of lanyard available: L7120 ASAP’Sorber 20cm, L7140 ASAP Sorber 40cm and the L57 Absorbica. The Absorbica is the only one of these lanyards rated for more than one person (i.e. for use in rescue). It is great on inclines as well as vertically tensioned ropes and will lock up when it starts to descend quickly even if the operator has hold of it.

RA003 Rocker. A SAR product.  Also made under licence by ISC for Miller and P+P. A simple and effective device which fits easily onto the rope and is used with a short lanyard. The S0014 Rocker Lanyard Assembly is the recommended lanyard but SAR do say that any rated quickdraw with the correct locking karabiners will suffice. It tends to travel freely up and down the rope and can be used on diagonal, horizontal and vertically tensioned lifelines. The operator must let go if holding this device when mainline failure occurs. It can be locked in position on the rope using a simple catch at the top of the device. Locking it in this manner allows the user to position it as high up their back-up rope as possible thus limiting the fall distance in the event of a main line failure. The device is rated for two people (i.e. for use in rescue) and can easily be released when under load.

The ISC RED has recently been released onto the market and can be bought with no cord, with a fixed tow cord or with a tow cord and ‘Popper’ (the latter relying on the user pulling the tow cord to release the popper in the event of a mainline failure). The body of the RED in each version is the same so if you buy the Popper Version then this towcord can be removed completely or can be replaced by a towcord without a popper. All version of the RED are designed to be used with a dynamic cowstail from the waist attachment point of your harness and are tested for use in a rescue situation (for a two person load).

On the horizon is also the DMM Buddy Catch (a ‘Buddy’ with a ‘catch’ – their Buddy device with a tow ‘cord’). The prototype has a release system which relies on the operator squeezing a trigger in the event of a main line failure).

All of the above are / will be available from our website. If you know of another back-up device of interest then please contact us with details.


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