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Skylotec Milan 2.0 Auto-descent Rescue Device

The Skylotec Milan 2.0 is one of the world's most popular auto Controlled Rate Descender (CRD) rescue device, ideally suited for rescue and evacuation from wind turbines, tower cranes, telecommunications towers and more.

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Spanset Gotcha Rescue Kit CRD 

The Spanset Gotcha Rescue CRD Kit is a pre-assembled rescue and evacuation system, designed to lower a casualty safely at a constant rate with no risk of an uncontrolled descent. The kit can also be used to lift casualties over a short distance.

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Skylotec Milan AGR 2001 Auto-descent Rescue Device - 27m

The Milan Rescue device offers a wide field of applications for different rescue situations. In order to control the rescue techniques, the user has to be instructed by a SKYLOTEC-qualified and specially trained person who is acquainted with the device.

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3M™ DBI-SALA® Rollgliss R550 Rescue and Descent Device with Rescue Hub

When every second counts, count on the ROLLGLISS R550 rescue and descent the ultimate in fall protection. The Rollgliss R550 is the lightest most compact unit on the market and unique descender offering dual brake for ultimate safety.

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Skylotec Milan 2.0 Hub

The Skylotec Milan 2.0 Hub is one of the world's most popular auto controlled rate rescue devices, which enables two people to be evacuated simultaneously from a structure, be that a wind turbine, tower crane, telecomms mast etc.

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Skylotec Milan 2.0 Power

The Milan 2.0 Power is a special version of the Milan 2.0 Hub, that has been adapted to enable it to be powered by a drill to allow faster ascension on the rope.

A guide to the Conformity Standards:

Personal fall protection equipment. Descender devices for rescue.
EN12841 Personal fall protection equipment. Rope access systems. Rope adjustment devices.
EN1496Personal fall protection equipment. Rescue lifting devices.
Mountaineering equipment. Braking devices. Braking devices with manually assisted locking, safety requirements and test methods.
Standard establishes the definitions and nomenclature used for fall arrest and fall protection.
EACEurAsian Conformity marking confirms full compliance with the “Basic Safety Requirements”, which are specified in the Technical Regulations.

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